Sister Wives: Meri Brown Gives Reasons Why She’s Still With Kody

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Gives Reasons Why She’s Still With Kody

Every couple has its ups and downs and tries to handle them accordingly. However, as far as it seems, Sister Wives star Kody Brown’s relationship with first wife Meri Brown is irretrievable. Despite everything, she has continued to stay with her shared husband.

Well, based on her recent statements, the reality couple is not giving up. In fact, Meri has decided to justify why she still wants to be with Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Gives Reasons Why She’s Still With Kody

A previous episode of the TLC show made headlines because Meri called her relationship with Kody Brown ‘dead’. She said it’s ‘gone’ and it’s over. Her statement went viral because fans could understand her feelings.

They saw the couple suffer together in their relationship. However, people were quick to say that if Meri is not happy with her husband, she should leave the marriage.

Meri has finally stood up for herself and told her fans why she doesn’t want to give up on the husband she shares. In an Us Weekly exclusive, the first bride justified that she didn’t mean what viewers perceived.

Instead, she meant that where they were and what had happened was over. So, Meri Brown says the couple now needs to figure out a “new normal” for themselves. Also, they need to understand themselves.

Well, the TV star acknowledges that her relationship with her husband has been a roller coaster that has its ups and downs. She adds that the two will remain close to each other during their “dark period.” She also reminds herself of the commitment the couple made by getting married in 1990. As of now, Meri thinks she is at peace in her relationship. However, she still plans to improve it as much as possible.

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