Sister Wives: Meri Brown Just Keeps Taking It

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Just Keeps Taking It

Sister Wives celebrity Meri Brown is either up for sainthood today or has another agenda for her constant protection of Kody Brown. With the TLC series only releasing a few episodes of the new season, it’s easy to see that things haven’t changed for the original matriarch of Sister Wives.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Just Keeps Taking It

Kody Brown treats Meri badly and this isn’t just a rumor circulating out there. No, Sister Wives viewers saw it with their own eyes.

His treatment didn’t resemble a husband having a bad day and lashing out at his other half with generic complaints heard from wives for decades. Instead, he said horrible things that can’t be taken back.

He wished he had never married the first bride of Sister Wives. He said she manipulated him into marrying her and the list goes on.

Understandably, Meri Brown got angry and cried. But Sister Wives fans can’t understand why she protects this husband of four.

Until recently, Meri Brown seemed to come out with the same reaction every time Kody Brown dissed her on camera on Sister Wives. Her lip would quiver as she held back tears or simply cried. But recently, Meri’s attitude has seemed to change. Starting from the moment she professed her undying love for Kody Brown.

For some reason, Meri Brown decided to speak up after a very long time of headlines blandishing her separation from her Sister Wives husband. She offered a selfie with Kody Brown and said she loves this man.

Then she told her viewers that she is staying and not going anywhere. Her words were almost like a scolding and many people felt that Meri Brown was asking them to mind their own business.

Meri has a large Sister Wives fan base all her own. Many of their followers genuinely care about her.

So, to see her take all the insults from Kody Brown and then come out with how she loves him and is sticking around, well, they were mortified.

Viewers slammed Kody Brown after the horrible appointment with the therapist where he let his disdain for Meri Brown fly. But these same viewers see her as protecting Sister Wives’ shared husband by doing so.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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