Sister Wives: Meri Brown Takes Off

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Takes Off

Meri Brown is always up for a good adventure. Recently, she went to Disneyland for a team-building excursion and seemed to have a great time. Now, the entrepreneur is taking off on a road trip with an unknown destination and leaving everyone behind.

The one thing about Meri Brown is that she always had a tendency to live life on her own. She got along well with her Sister Wives, but was never totally invested in spending much time with them. They admitted that after a certain point it took effort to plan trips and dinners together.

Of course, she was very different from Kody Brown’s second and third wives, Janelle and Christine. Meri Brown had only one child, Mariah, after struggling with fertility. Janelle and Christine each had six children.

The fourth wife, Robyn, who was introduced to Kody Brown by Meri, entered the marriage with three children. She eventually gave Kody Brown two more children and wants one more. Meri admitted that she really likes her privacy, which was a problem when the family lived in Utah. They shared a house, but each wife had her own space. Unfortunately, in order to see Christine, Janelle had to sneak out. It was also difficult with 13 children running around. In Las Vegas, Meri’s marriage to Kody continued to struggle and went further downhill after their divorce.

Meri found herself in a dark place, looking for friendship on the web and getting picked on. It was the last straw for Kody Brown and their relationship ended. They were not close for a decade yet Meri stays because she had faith and loves her family.

During the pandemic, Kody Brown rarely came or called, the same was true for his sister wives. She had never felt so alone. Many viewers wonder what she is doing when she has two successful businesses, but she doesn’t have to answer to anyone.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Takes Off

In a post on Instagram, Meri Brown shared exciting things that are happening this week that she can’t wait to share. This most likely has to do with one of her businesses. She also shared that she was taking a quick trip by herself. Although she didn’t share where she was headed, Meri said she appreciated the time to be introspective.

During these trips, she listens to audiobooks, listens to music, thinks about life, pretty much anything she wants. She is also very grateful for the sights she is lucky enough to see on her way. Although she was very lonely during the pandemic, she seems to enjoy the peace and quiet of her road trips.

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