Sister Wives: When Will Season 17 Air?

Sister Wives: When Will Season 17 Air?

Last week, Sister Wives: One on One aired, and much was unpacked. Kody Brown shared his feelings about his divorce from Christine while getting angry at the host, Sukanya Krishnan. This came on the heels of another week without an episode. The reason being: The Super Bowl, which hardcore fans didn’t feel was reason enough to postpone their favorite shows. The second half of the story started on a frustrating note, with Robyn claiming that Kody Brown and Christine Brown weren’t even divorced.

She said they needed to go to church to officially end their marriage. Since that had not been done, there was no divorce. Christine responded by saying that she had not been a member of the church for years. Therefore, the rules did not apply to her.

As for her relationship with Janelle Brown, it was just a good friendship and she had no intention of leaving. Same with Meri Brown with whom he had not been close for a decade. He would take care of her, in the sense of always having a home, but that was about it.

It seemed like the family was really broken up and Christine left with nothing to do with it. This was the first tell-all the family had done in years, so it was a big deal. That said, the three-part storyline marked the end of season 16. That means the season is over for a while. But how long will fans have to wait?

Sister Wives: When Will Season 17 Air?

Yes, there will be a Season 17 as Robyn and Meri Brown have both confirmed that they are currently filming on one of Meri Brown’s lives on Instagram. Christine’s son, Paedon, also said that his mom is filming despite her moving to Utah. As for when the new season will air, that’s anyone’s guess. There are usually about six or seven months between seasons, which would put it in September 2022. Luckily, fans can still get their weekly dose of SW, as TLC has given Christine her own cooking show.

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