Sister Wives: Meri Has Some Fixing to Do

Sister Wives: Meri Has Some Fixing to Do

Sister Wives Star Kody told Meri that she had to settle the relationship within the family before their relationship could move forward. Although the shared husband still didn’t seem too involved in an affair with his first wife.

While Kody Brown said Meri Brown had work to do to repair the faces of the other family members, viewers never found out who they were.

Sister Wives: Meri Has Some Fixing to Do

So it seems that the original matriarch of the Sister Wives was not at its best with some of the family members. From what Kody Brown said, it seems that this also involves some of the children. So who is Meri on the fringe of this plural marriage?

Kody Brown never mentioned names, but Meri Brown took a shot at all three of her co-wives in episodes of Sister Wives over the past few seasons. She also had a short with Robyn Brown.

It’s weird, because Meri Brown seemed to take him under her wing from the first day she joined the family. Kody Brown mentioned how the two of them formed a bond. These two co-wives were as thick as sisters.

Meri took a picture of Janelle when she talked about the houses in Vegas that had sat there for so long. This scene took place while the five adult Sister Wives sat around the table. They talked about how they were in trouble and needed to lower house prices.

Sister Wives: Janelle Snapped At

Meri Brown lit up on Janelle Brown when the second wife said the holidays were approaching, so it’s a bad time of year to sell houses. She didn’t see much happening until spring. Meri took an attitude and told Janelle it was a stretch.

But there was a time when Janelle packed up and left the Sister Wives family and it was because of tyrannical behavior on Meri Brown’s part.

Janelle Brown explained that nothing she did seemed to fit Meri. She couldn’t fold Kody Brown’s clothes the right way or put away the dishes that met Meri’s standards.

Janelle Brown had been married to Kody Brown for eight years at the time. Five of her six children were already born when she moved in with her mother. But Janelle worked hard and saved her money to buy a house.

While Janelle was alone for over two years, she came back. But she left because of a fierce battle with Meri Brown. Janelle Brown explained how bad it was for her with Meri in the book Becoming Sister Wives that they all wrote together.

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