Sister Wives: Kody Brown Make Urgent Plea

Sister Wives: Kody Make Urgent Plea

Sister Wives star Kody Brown continues to suffer the results of bad planning on her part. But this time it looks like she’s really in a tough spot. A new report indicates that Sister Wives’s Patriarch has requested another huge loan in extremely urgent circumstances.

Robyn Brown and Kody Brown have bought a new house during this last season of Sister Wives. With the season closed, they were still waiting for the bank to approve the mortgage.

Now, in real time, they’ve owned the house for about a year. But it appears that Kody and his younger wife, Robyn, recently applied for a $150,000 loan for the house itself.

Robyn and Kody signed the forms on March 20th. But reports indicate that they wrote “time is of the essence” on the application. This implies an urgent need for a large loan. Apparently, the couple of nuns who own the property felt that they were critical enough to waive their right to the house law.

The portion of the house is an essential safeguard for your property offered by some states. These include Arizona, where the Sister Wives reside. This deed is crucial for anyone thinking of declaring bankruptcy, as it protects your home from forced sale, execution and foreclosure.

In Arizona, this act protects your home up to $150,000, which is, coincidentally, the amount that the Sister Wives requested for their loan. In comparison, Massachusetts protects your home up to $500,000 under their Homestead Act.

The Patriarch of the Sister Wives granted his wish. The loan approval came on March 31, 11 days after the application was filed. This adds another debt to Kody Brown and his clan of Sister Wives.

The Sister Wives now carry combined mortgages on the vacant building plots of the Coyote Pass. Then there’s the mortgage on Christina’s house and the mortgage on Robyn’s house. Now they add the $150,000 for the new mortgage to their financial mess.

Written by Christine Cohan

Christine Cohan is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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