Sister Wives: Robyn Confuses Fans

Sister Wives: Robyn Confuses Fans

Sister Wives celebrity Robyn doesn’t seem to be doing anything that would make money for Kody Brown and the family, as her co-wives do. The other wives would pool their money from their different businesses. Apparently they are doing this for the greater good of the Sister Wives family.

Sister Wives: Robyn Confuses Fans

Unlike her co-wives, Robyn Brown doesn’t seem to contribute money to the finances. Because she doesn’t seem to have a paid job. Fans today wonder how she scores a house that costs almost $1 million and yet she doesn’t seem to be working at all. Followers of Sister Wives are also wondering why Robyn’s co-wives didn’t insist that she work. What fans were led to believe from the Sister Wives episode is that everyone pools their money. And it’s all being split up to pay the bills.

Meri and Christine are pretty open about the work they do with a clothing brand. But they don’t seem to share everything, like how lucrative selling these clothes can be.

Just like Meri Brown doesn’t share how well or how badly her bed and breakfast does business. Although Lizzie’s Heritage Inn is known to the Sister Wives public, little is shared about its success.

The wives sometimes keep it private. While Janelle Brown is active online with her brand Strive, it seems she has a few performances under her care. According to today’s scuttlebutt, Janelle Brown seems to have a reputation as one of her jobs for an entertainment company. Even with Janelle Brown’s real estate business, she kept it pretty much to herself whether or not she was successful. But as for the three older wives in the Sister Wives clan, they do work to make money.

When it comes to Robyn, there is no indication whatsoever that she works in or out of the house. Because the other three wives do generate an income, the fans want to know how the other Sister Wives ladies just let this slip by.

There’s always a chance that Robyn is doing something from home that she doesn’t share with the audience. But from where the fans sit, she seems unemployed.

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  1. Since Robyn has come into the picture it’s bern lopsided. Meri has to divorce her husband of 20 yrs so Tobyns kids can be adopted but what’s worse is the Media name was removed from everything and replaced by Robyn even the status if 1st wife none if that had to happen Meri made a selfless act and was spit on a left to suffer alone. Robyn is selfish and frankly disgusting

  2. Robyn is the most whinny drama queen ever if she doesn’t get her way she cries boohoo ,she feels entitled to what she wants and gets and Kodi is so whooped by Robyn he’s no longer a man,Kodi is so afraid she will leave him he lets her do nothing.The other wives are better than her anyway,Grow Up Robyn take care of yourself for a change

  3. I highly agree with the previous person. All we have seen is Kody showing his favoritism towards Robin and the other girls seems to get what is left. She is definitely a whinny selfish bitch Seems like she has forgotten where she is in the wife line. I personally think she is a 🐖.

  4. I dont think Meri should have had to divorce kody so he could adopt Robyn’s 3 children. That was wrong!! Another thing wrong is Robin not working & apparently kody isn’t either. Why should the 3 wives have to support these two deadbeats!!!

  5. Robyn won’t be happy until she’s the only wife if Kody. She’s playing a dangerous game fully expecting to be the winner. Meri divorced King Cody so he could adopt Robyn’s kids supposedly, so why doesn’t Robyn divorce him now he’s done it and let Meri be his legal wife again?..because her plan is going exactly how she wants it. Meri going then she’ll work on the other two.

  6. I agree with everyone about Robin. Whatcha wanna bet the other wives don’t get a $1,000,000 house. And of course Kody will want to spend moooore time with Robin because of her house (she’s not dumb). If she isn’t working and Kody isn’t working, how did she qualify? Is she doing any cameos in that million dollar house? I haven’t been watching the show faithfully since she joined. Have there been any discussions between the other wives about her “needing this particular house”. If it had to be in play, the wife with most children should have bought it. Why can’t the other wives find homes already built? Why oh why couldn’t they all stay in Vegas???? What was the deal there? Was Kody afraid TLC would drop them if he didn’t create more drama? ALSO, Robyn and Kody had NO RIGHT to approach Meri about divorcing Kody. Many divorced people get remarried and the children keep their dad’s name. Even if their dad was a no good bum, she took away their heritage. Under the circumstances, she should’ve changed their last name to hers. Kody nor Robyn value Meri at all and Janelle and Christine should have spoken up on Meri’s behalf. This is only one reason why in the New Testament Christ defined marriage as between one man and one woman. Think about it, seriously.

  7. I cannot stand Robyn, she is very selfish and Kody is just letting her do what she wants. I feel for the other girls they are way better and prettier than Robyn and did i mention she is lazy?

  8. Well I happen to really like Robyn, the wives do complement each other & all pull together, carnt be easy for kody to spread himself so thin but I must say he makes it look easy, if you dont like the family or storyline switch over,

  9. This show has gotten so far from where they started that it’s really not worth watching. Robyn gets a lot of heat from fans & she deserves every bit of it & more. She makes no attempt to help the others & she tries to say it’s not like that at all but we know better. I’ve been watching this since it came on but I can’t say I will continue. Kody is a joke & Robyn is a straight up HO. Not trying to be ugly but that’s what kept women are called & she is a kept woman. Sad thing is she’s not kept by a man but is kept by 3 women. There’s no substance anymore. It’s all about keeping Robyn happy so she doesn’t throw a 2 year old tantrum. Pathetic but I will say this unless the other ladies wake up & STOP supporting them, there’s going to be no change.

  10. Robyn used her kids as pawn with her ex. She wanted all along to be the legal wife!! Security for her and her kids!! We figured this out within a couple of shows when she showed up as a possible wife!!

  11. I can’t believe 1 woman would have anything to do with that guy, let alone 4! Bet most of the kids can’t wait to get out of that mess.

  12. I lost all respect for Kody, my first wtf was when Robin told Mary she would carry a baby for her and Kody turned her down but then got Robin pregnant again. Then the whole adoption thing, then telling Mary the family could help buy her B&B then changed his mind. The dude is a complete tool. Mary, janelle and christine deserve so much better.

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