Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Is ‘Ready’ For 2023

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Is ‘Ready’ For 2023

Janelle Brown shares what makes her happy now that she’s on a new path in life. A trailer for the 17th season of Sister Wives was recently released. In it, Janelle and her husband, Kody Brown, revealed that their paths have diverged and they have parted ways.

Fans were ecstatic that she has left her husband and believed that she will do much better. Now that she is a free woman, how does she occupy her time?

Janelle Brown has confirmed that she is an unmarried woman after much speculation. This takes her health journey to the next level. She has already shown that she has dedicated a lot of time to looking after herself. In one of the races, the mother of six showed off her weightlifting skills. She has also embraced other forms of exercise that make her happy. Now she shares what has “pleased” her lately.

These two women, together with their daughters Maddie Brush and Mykelti Padron, have been promoting Plexus for some time. It has allowed them to travel and really interact with a lot of people. What’s more, it has allowed them to stay in touch even after Christine left the multiple family in early 2021. Now Janelle relies even more on fitness and health as she also left the family.

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Is ‘Ready’ For 2023

Recently, Janelle shared that she is ready for 2023. She revealed her fitness journey and how she encourages others to follow. She’s changed a lot in her life, not just her health. She is now separated from her husband of almost thirty years, Kody Brown.

For some time there had been rumours that they were insecure together, but now this has been confirmed in an upcoming chat. Kody explained that he is divorced from Christine but separated from Janelle Brown. Therefore, nothing church related has happened so far. More questions have arisen about where he will be living because he is very close to Christine, who lives in Utah. However, Janelle seems to love Flagstaff. Her youngest child, Savanah, has just turned eighteen, so she has only a few months left before she becomes a true empty-nester. It will be interesting to see where Janelle lands. One thing’s for sure, she always lands at the gym.

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