Sister Wives: What Is Meri Afraid Of?

Sister Wives: What Is Meri Afraid Of?

Sister Wives celeb Meri Brown is a puzzle that needs to be solved nowadays, but it seems that her cryptic messages are getting closer to reality. For months now, Meri’s online posts seem to offer clues about the spouse mentality of this Sister Wives. Then, of course, Meri Brown might just be having fun with the fans, who sometimes take too many liberties with their assumptions.

Sister Wives: What Is Meri Afraid Of?

One of the last posts of Sister Wives’ matriarch talks about how to face your fears. This quote may or may not describe what is happening in her life today. She might just like the inspiration that the quote carries. But many Sister Wives fans see him as Meri Brown in the face of her fears.

It’s not just any generic fear that fans take on today. No, some followers think Meri Brown is down because of her decision to leave Kody Brown or not. What Sister Wives’ viewers have seen over the past season has left a lot of opposition. Some of the followers can’t see a way out for this couple. So maybe Meri’s afraid to be alone if she leaves Kody Brown.

After the terrible things Kody Brown said to Meri Brown during their marriage counseling session, fans can’t see Kody Brown redeeming himself with Meri Brown. While viewers of the show may not see it happen, another field is not so safe. Meri’s LuLaRoe clients have a different scene to use to assess the fate of this couple.

If there’s one thing that all fans of the Sister Wives can agree on, it’s that this show creates confusion. The family dynamics are also confusing. Starting with the previews of the Sister Wives, which are shot to look tragic, and then being as generic as the ones that go on air when the episode airs.

Sister Wives: Kody’s Wrath is Wide-Spread

Last season, Kody Brown seemed to disagree with at least three of his wives. Only Janelle seemed to make it through the season without the wrath of Kody Brown falling on her. Then all the anger stopped when the season came to an end. But soon photos and videos appeared that showed Kody and his wives that they were fine in real time.

For the followers of the Sister Wives, one of the worst cases of Kody humiliating a wife took place in the last season. Fans who continued to give Kody Brown the benefit of the doubt also had a hard time doing so this time.

Kody Brown tells his first wife from the Sister Wives tribe that he wished he had never married her. He says she manipulated him into marriage and that she wasn’t the woman he thought he was marrying. So basically Kody dismissed the last 30 years with Meri Brown as a big mistake.

Fans were mortified about Meri Brown, and they lashed out at Kody online for treating her the way he did. Then last week another real-time shock happened, leaving people even more confused. While Meri was selling her LuLaRoe clothes live, Kody broke in.

The Sister Wives, husband of four, didn’t seem to care what Meri was doing when he interrupted her sales. But the most surprising behavior was Meri Brown’s. She gave up what she was doing and waited for Kody – hand and foot. She needed her signature on documents and photocopies. Meri was happy to oblige him to all requests.

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