‘Sister Wives’: Why Fans Are In Love With Christine

'Sister Wives': Why Fans Are In Love With Christine

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has become a hero to fans after she decided to give up Kody Brown in Arizona. It’s hard for anyone to argue that Christine Brown isn’t happy about leaving a polygamous family. However, some people are baffled as to why the reality TV star is adored by so many, and here are the reasons why Christine Brown’s popularity has soared again.

After her years-long marriage to Kody Brown ended in divorce, Christine Brown said publicly late last year that she no longer played any role in the Brown family. Paedon Brown recently claimed that his mother knew for several years that he was unhappy with his marriage. Her discontent grew when she learned that Kody Brown had found the woman he really loves, his partner Robyn Brown.

‘Sister Wives’: Why Fans Are In Love With Christine

So the fans thought that Kody didn’t treat Christine Brown well at all, so they were happy when Kody ended the relationship with her. Now many fans consider Christine an idol. However, the current situation is understandable considering that she had a dubious marriage.

As a result of Christine giving up her marriage to Kody, many Sister Wives viewers have come out to offer their support to the TV actress. Christine’s turning her back on Kody’s selfish tendencies is truly commendable and well received.

Christine has been hailed by many fans as the best of Kody’s four wives since her departure from the series. It is absurd that Christine’s admirers place her at such a pinnacle knowing full well that she will eventually fall from it. While some people do not understand why she is receiving so much acclaim, others have argued that Christine is simply being praised for leaving a violent relationship.

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