‘Sister Wives’: How Does Christine Brown Make Money?

'Sister Wives': How Does Christine Brown Make Money?

Christine Brown is loving her new independence and living her best life. But now that she’s separated from her ex-husband Kody Brown, how will she support herself?

For starters, she has her own business. But recently, she revealed she’s opening another source of income. So what does the Sister Wives star plan to do for money now?

‘Sister Wives’: How Does Christine Brown Make Money?

Sister Wives fans already know that Christine Brown is quite the successful businesswoman. She sells Plexus products with Janelle Brown and business seems to be going well. She also makes money from her appearances on Sister Wives.

But now that she no longer has Kody Brown’s support, is it possible that Christine Brown needs a little extra income? The TLC star recently announced on her Instagram page that she is back on Cameos.

For $40, fans can order a personalised video from Christine Brown. She can offer shout-outs, well wishes, kind words and more. However, if fans want to book her for business purposes, it will cost a little more. The Sister Wives star charges $245 for such a video.

Fans are happy to have the opportunity to interact with Christine Brown. But why the sudden jump back to Cameo? Some can’t help wondering if she needs the extra money now that she’s no longer associated with Kody. Truely Brown is, after all, still a child and lives with her mother.

For now, fans and followers can only speculate. It is unlikely that Christine will ever publicly announce that she is in financial difficulties.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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