The Family Chantel: Pedro and Chantel Check Out Christmas Lights

The Family Chantel: Pedro and Chantel Check Out Christmas Lights

Chantel Everett and her husband, Pedro Jimeno, have been in the vacation mood lately. They spent time together watching various Christmas shows. Each display was in different colors and formations. There were also Christmas lights on the trees and shrubs. The Chantel family has treated a lot of rough spots in their marriage. So the fans liked to see that they had a nice outing.

The Family Chantel duo even took a picture together to commemorate the fun evening. Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett rarely take pictures together. They usually pose individually when sharing photos on social media. It seems that the TLC castmates like to let the fans guess if they have split up or if they are still together. It’s also a way for Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett to keep the attention on themselves. And, it seems to work for them.

Chantel Everett and her husband, Pedro Jimeno, recently went to a party. It took place in a beautiful event room filled with Christmas decorations. The Family Chantel reality stars were both dressed in beautiful clothes. During the event, food was served and Christmas music was played. Pedro Jimeno seemed to have enjoyed the music. In a clip Pedro Jimeno showed his singing skills while singing along to a Christmas music.

Again, the Family Chantel couple took pictures to remember the vacation outing. On the rare photos Pedro and his wife stood next to each other. They even took a crazy picture together. In the picture Chantel is trying to kiss Everett Pedro Jimeno. But by the look on Pedro’s face he doesn’t seem to want his wife’s kiss. Could they warm up to the idea of sharing more pictures as a couple?

Written by Christine Cohan

Reality TV Writer / Editor


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