Who Will Love Island USA?

Who Will Love Island USA?

The season finale of Love Island USA is near, prompting viewers to wonder who will win season 3. There’s no doubt that the current season of the CBS reality show has been a roller coaster ride that hasn’t produced many couples. As the finale looms, the islanders’ choices to win the $100,000 prize are slim.

Unlike Season 1 and Season 2, where winners were a given, Season 3 doesn’t have that pair. Shannon St. Clair and Josh Goldstein were a shoo-in to win the show until they had to leave the Villa due to the death of his sister. They recently thanked fans for all the support amid his family’s tragedy.

Two couples have emerged outside of The Villa, and fans love these duos more than some still on Love Island USA. Cashay Proudfoot and Cinco Holland Jr. are giving it another go, while Aimee Flores and Wes Ogsbury have maintained their relationship even after being dumped from the show.

While there is no front-runner to win Love Island USA, two couples have no chance at the money. Bailey Marshall and Jeremy Hershberg are at the top of viewers’ picks to not win any money. It’s nothing against her. Fans don’t like Jeremy at all and are puzzled as to how he keeps saving himself from elimination.

Alana Paolucci and Charlie Lynch also have no chance of winning the money. Again, not because of her, but because of him. Viewers feel that he has done Cashay wrong and will not reward him for his bad deeds. One of these two couples will make it to the final four, which is really only good for bragging rights.

Three couples have the best chance of becoming the winners of season three. Although Kyra Lizama and Will Moncada have been together longer, viewers do not like them. The rumors that they knew each other outside the Villa have tainted their credibility as a couple.

Trina Njoroge and Andre Brunelli have literally paired up. However, fans love Trina, and many feel like she deserves to win because Cinco ruined her chances of finding a true love connection.

The couple that has the best chance of winning Love Island USA is Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy. While fan opinions on Olivia have been mixed, these two have built a connection that started as friends. They also have the highest odds of maintaining a relationship outside of the Villa.

Written by Meghan Mentell

TV writer
Canadian journalist

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