90 Day Fiance: Angela Revamps Her Image

90 Day Fiance: Angela Revamps Her Image

90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem finally revealed what she was hiding under her mask at the Happily Ever After Tell-All. She had been doing a lot of work lately. And, she finally showed her new face.

90 Day Fiance cast member Angela Deem recently handed out photos without a mask covering her face – revealing her new look after all the recent work she had done. And, you can see the drastic difference.

Many 90 Day Fiance watchers wondered why Angela wore a mask on the recent Tell-All. At first, viewers thought it might be due to COVID-19. But she was in her own house with no one else around. She said at the reunion to show that she had an abscess after dentistry. Meanwhile, based on her recent faceless smile, you can see the work she did on her teeth – and more.

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Angela has done a lot over the past year to refresh her 90 Day Fiance image. Angela has received Botox in the past. And, she even had purple spots on her chest after going through a procedure to get rid of wrinkles in that area.

Meanwhile, in addition to getting work on her teeth, Angela Deem said she would get Kybella treatments as well. Kybella is a series of injections to reduce the fat under the chin. And, based on Angela Deem’s recent revelation, the skin in that area looks tighter. What’s more, most of her wrinkles are also gone – along with her double chin. So it looks like an all-around transformation for the 90 Day Fiance star.

Written by Christine Cohan

Christine Cohan is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. I love Angela! She’s beautiful, inside and out! If it makes her feel better to get a little here and there done, go for it! I know I would if I could, lol! I hope Micheal gets to the USA and they stay together! God bless you, Angela.

  2. PLEASE! How hard can it be to “revamp” one’s self when all the procedures and people are provided for FREE + a possible tv show.

    Provide me with the same amenities and I’ll revamp myself and appear on your tv show too! It’s all about 15 minutes and some coin!

  3. All the injections in the world is not going to change her being a bully, it’s unbelievable to me how many women are okay with her being a bully but if a man was bullying her y’all would be rated to kill him she’s a bully she’s a desperate old woman. she has strung this young man along about a baby knowing full well she couldn’t have one got him to browbeat his mother into saying yes they can get married and as for him he has no shame he’s putting Nigerian men to Pure shame with allowing this woman to treat him like this on TV Point Blank. He will do anything to try to get to the United States I mean anything take the blinders are people

  4. Angela is gross. Not because of her looks but because of her attitude. No amount of surgery will fix that.

  5. I like Angela’s off the cuff statements, I think she is a beautiful and funny person, she says what’s on her mind and does not take crap from people. If she wants to improve her health and looks, it’s no ones business but her own! I’ve been reading online, people want her off the 90 Day Fiancé well, I think that would be a mistake because, she brings sass to the show. In my eyes Angela part is interesting and full as hell.

  6. I’m glad Angela has had a makeover!! If I helps her self esteem then everyone wins. I only hope she stops being jealous of everything from ringtones to the dancers at a DANCE club. Poor Michael- maybe she’ll be less brash- use less profanity – be less insecure and more of a lovely young lady from the great state of Georgia. Good luck to them both!!

  7. Girl, love the 90 days n you n Micheal make the show too. I hope n bless your both for him to come to the states…Don’t be to hard on him girl, you look He loves u in his heart no women can take that away…

  8. I cant stand this woman she is a crazy person and just looks for shit to bitch about that’s why I think Michael is in it for the green card why else would he put up with her shit for so long she is white trash in the flesh idk I love the show but if I can I skip the parts she’s in same for Darcy like why on earth did she get a show so we can watch her make bad decisions and cry and do her little close eyes and head bobbing thing she dose to look serious idk tlc is slacking on the 90 day shows

  9. I dont care how much she get done she’ll still look old as hell, I’m 57 and she looks older than me. Child stop trying to keep up with your boy toy the problem is he’s a black man that still find black women attractive he sees America in you mommie dearest change you attitude maybe you’ll look more attractive IJS

  10. Angela has been very busy with the work she has done, her daughter has got a lot of sense. Plus I think she’s terrific and pretty

  11. I am tired of her! I wish TLC would stop putting her on stuff. Michael is not going to get a visa. No one cares that she is an American. All she proves is what an intolerant American looks like when visiting soon on else’s country. Like getting Michael’s mom to eat pizza, Angela “She did like it, she was being polite”. Why doesn’t she get an egg from her jail bird daughter.
    I say get her off the show, she is everything that is wrong Americans visiting overseas.

  12. I suspect Angela actually got a neck lift, in addition to dental work and Botox to help eliminate the wrinkles. It’s pretty hard to believe that Kybella injections alone would get rid of that double chin she had; it’s a pretty dramatic change. Besides which, I’ve had dental abscesses several times myself, and I can’t imagine why you would possibly need a mask to hide them or “prevent air from getting to them,” since they’re deep inside your mouth – inside your jaw, actually. That mask was probably hiding bandaging, scars, and/or bruising from the neck surgery.

  13. I sure wish i could get some work done. I guess it’s like the title of a show the haves and have nots. Life sucks

  14. Do ur thing, your gorgeous anyway! If it doesn’t work out with the Nigerian dude, I’ll step in! Late 30’s, So Cal and even brown skin, not black but I know you like guys with dark completions…!!!!

  15. Angela you look awesome! I wish you and Micheal the best I truly do. And It is my hope that the both of ya’ll.. will continue to live happily ever after!!! And i must say that iam sorry about your wonderful mama…..God Bless y’all!! Posted

  16. She’s a belligerent, low class, insecure lout. It’s not her outside that needs the work, it’s her insides. Her quick temper, loud fat mouth, and disrespectful attitude only cement her image as the queen of white trash. Love the cigarette pack outline in your disgusting bra, it’s so 2020.

  17. Angela looks amazing! Good for you girl, if it’s out there go for it…you are such a kind and caring person…you deserve it!

  18. I think Angela is great. I love that she’s a strong woman and sticks to her values. I envy Angela. I would love to get my teeth fixed but due to COVID I have lost everything.

  19. I believe Angela truly loves Michael. The test of time will prove if Michael loves her or a green card more. Angela must be a Scorpio like myself. She is a no nonsense woman. She is not pretentious. What you see is what you get. Take it or leave it . I love her genuine spirit.
    You go 👧.

  20. She can get a facelift, liposuction, boob job, butt lift, but the attitude will be the same. Michael is a sweet man. Yes, his culture is what it is, he believes in certain things I agree, but omg she screams and threatens him to no end. It has nothing as she would say being an American. She gives the American women a bad name. Women in this country work super hard, many more than one job, Angela stop the bull already, be a lady, a strong lady with opinions, not threatening opinions. Enough woman please. Any other man would have told her to take the high road a get the he’ll out. Calm down, you will look prettier without botox

  21. Angela you look great, I hope Michael gets to the United States so y’all can be together. Y’all are my favorites ❤️❤️❤️

  22. You can dress up a pig, but it’s still a pig. She should work on revamping her behavior. She is rude, crude, and incredibly vulgar and it just adds to her trashiness. Cleaning up her look was a waste as she is still an ugly person

  23. She’s just an all around disgusting old lady who has to go to another country for a man because no American man would put up with her bullshit!

  24. That’s great and all but when is she going to let a professional colorist and stylist properly do her hair? I want to reach through the screen and clip them dead ends so bad.

  25. Trash filty mouth no matter what she does to her body her insides are terrible. And ugly .besides that she all ready wed. Take her off the show. She probably be on Murrey in a few years again anyway .

  26. My husband and I (65ish) think Angela is great buttttt: her temper is out of control. When she is making those come backs, joke, analogies and just smiling when she does makes us laugh and find ourselves quoting her. Now all the “upgrades” that’s up to her. I think she is beautiful both ways. Angela, word of advice from an ole gal. Don’t get lost in the beauty. Stay true to who you are. Beauty shouldn’t change your inner self. You are wonderful! Now where will you keep your wallet, smokes and phone? Xoxo

  27. Angela can do anything and everything on her body, but what she needs to change is her awful attitude. She lies to everyone, Michael, Aunt Lydia, Skyla, Mami, etc. She might look great, but as soon as she opens her mouth, everything goes south.

  28. I’m a very out spoken person myself but she goes to far sometimes i hate how she bullies people when she can’t have her way and to constantly say IM AMERICAN and this is why I won’t do what you want Michael or your family and she just goes off to much and she did lie to the mom saying she could have a baby I mean I like her but just stop being a bully and making the American people look bad please

  29. Angela does not deserve michael and as long as she has jealousy and being insecure the relationship won’t survive no matter how many injections she cause she is a monster inside

  30. Angela is just a bully and trying to rap it up in a cute package MEANS nothing. She is not a nice person in any form or fashion and just because you put a cute dress on an ass it’s still an ass.

  31. She looks as awful as her personality 😭 Maybe it’s her nasty personality that’s making her age so terribly.

  32. I have a CHEAP do over for Angela. It’s called a PAPER BAG to put over her face and some MASKING TAPE for her loud obnoxious mouth POOR Michael. 😔

  33. Now she needs to go to charm school and get a dictionary to learn some new words! She is a rude, loud mouthed, vulgar old woman.

  34. Now she needs to go to charm school and also get a dictionary to learn some new words! She is rude, vulgar, and a bully! No amount of surgery can fix that!

  35. Whoever said Angela is lovely, inside & out, and brings SASS to the show! ANYONE would have to be DEAF, BLIND, and STUPID! She’s DISGUSTINGLY HATEFUL, and if you paid attention to how AWFUL she treated Michael, sitting at the table talking about things his AUNT said, when she almost punched him in the face, when she was standing over him, basically WHIPPING HIM into SUBMISSION! And just like another posted comment said, if the situation was reversed, the MAN would’ve ALREADY been FIRED, b/c y’all wouldn’t have stopped griping about until TLC had no choice but to fire him! And I AM a WOMAN, but I do NOT AGREE, in ANY way, shape, or form! Angela is NOT a good person, she hasn’t compromised ANYTHING that even remotely discomforts HER! She has the MINDSET that he should feel lucky to be able to come to the US, so he just needs to be happy about that, b/c from here on out, he’s gonna be doing whatever SHE wants! Like it or Lump it!

  36. This is on disgust old woman. Michael must be desperate to get to the US. Little does he know how much worse it will get for him once she gets him away from his home.

  37. Love Angela when on show with Michael..can’t stand her on after shows with or without her daughter..just too frigging fake and loud..that’s what fast forward is for!

  38. I can’t stand her. She is a loud mouth bully who also has a filthy mouth. Michael needs to dump this crude,rude woman.

  39. Angela is giving american women a bad image she says she and Michael are 50/50 but she treats him like a child compromise Angela please his mom already thinks you’ll treat him like your slave

  40. I think Angela is a foul mouth crass woman. She put to shame how white women in America are. She have no class or grace. And Michael is just using her to get into America. When he get his citizenship he will be divorcing her. Point Blank

  41. Robin Williams and Johnny Hammer I completely agree with you!! As soon as he gets here he’s going to dump her because her bullying is only going to get worst. She’s obnoxious!!

  42. If you turned this couple around, made Michael an American male and Angela a Nigerian woman you would all be horrified at his treatment of her! She has MAJOR insecurities and bullies Michael into getting what she wants. I’m hoping he tells her to do one and gets a nice Nigerian girl who doesn’t treat him like crap.

  43. @Robin Williams said it all! I agree 100%. Shes a bully and Michael is looking pathetic to his own culture. She disrespects his entire country. Its sad that Michael didnt wait for a real american woman if his goal was to come here. Sheshi looking for someone to control and hes falling for it. Too bad the embassy wont watch tv footage, they would probably reject his visa based on how she treats him.

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