90 Day Fiance: Rebecca Reveals Her Impressive Makeover, Looks Way Younger

90 Day Fiance: Rebecca Reveals Her Impressive Makeover, Looks Way Younger

Season eight of 90 Day Fiance is in full swing, and the couples have made headlines through drama and rumors. But Rebecca Parrott, Zied Hakimi’s American partner, is in the spotlight this time because of her well-received and glamorous makeover.

American mother Rebecca and Tunisian-born Zied Hakimi fell for each other despite 49-year-old Rebecca being 22 years older than Zied. Fans watched as Zied joined his fiancée in Georgia on his K-1 visa.

Until now, critics were skeptical of Rebecca’s daughter Tiffany and her husband Micah for not accepting Zied Hakimi culturally and being insensitive to his differences. However, Rebecca and Zied Hakimi have become a beloved couple after they were first seen in season three of 90 Day Fiance. Rebecca has been candid about changing her appearance, and some fans believe Zied helped pay for Rebecca’s new look.

On January 30, Rebecca revealed her makeover for her birthday on her Instagram account. The mom shared a series of photos showing her hair before and after it received a glamorous coloring, as well as her final youthful results. “My 50th birthday is coming up on February 13th and I decided to give myself a makeover,” she captioned the photo. She credited her daughter, Tiffany Smith, with fixing up her hair. “It’s FABULOUS,” she wrote. “You’re a wizard!” The American also revealed that she had some work done to rejuvenate her look. “Thank you @idealhealthatl for fixing the asymmetry in my lips and for the Dysport injections to smooth out the lines in my face,” she shared. “Your team is incredible! (I will share more about them soon!).” Rebecca now joins many 90 Day Fiance alumni who have revealed that they have had some help behind their improved appearance through cosmetic procedures.

While Rebecca Parrott has had a well-received makeover, other 90 Day Fiance stars are having to dodge criticism as they deny rumors of plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements. The 49-year-old’s honest announcement seems to be resonating well with fans, making Rebecca a sympathetic member of the cast, even if her daughter and son-in-law are not. To see how Rebecca and Zied’s journey continues, be sure to watch new episodes of 90 Day Fiance on TLC on Sunday.

Written by Lisa Lindsay

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  1. It’s just another filtered picture. What’s up with the forehead? These are the same filtered pictures she always sent Zeid in the very beginning

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