Alabama Barker Claps Back at Trolls: “Let Me Eat You Up Because I’m So Fat”

Alabama Barker Claps Back at Trolls: "Let Me Eat You Up Because I'm So Fat"

Alabama Barker, the talented 17-year-old musician and stepdaughter of the Kardashians, has had enough of online criticism of her looks. In a recent video on her TikTok page, she fiercely defends herself against trolls who have been attacking her weight.

With her face close to the camera, and her overdrawn lips in focus, Alabama begins the video with a peculiar expression, saying: “That’s my face when I see all the fake pages commenting about my weight in paparazzi videos and saying I’m a catfish.”

She doesn’t stop there, however. Alabama Barker goes on to reveal her thyroid problem and autoimmune disease have contributed to her weight gain. Her powerful words serve as a stark reminder to those who judge without understanding the full context of a person’s life.

Support from Fans and a Father’s Love

Her comment section was flooded with fans who identify with her struggles. Comments like “Me too. My thyroid disease has made my weight so hard to control” and “Exactly Bama, I have thyroid and autoimmune disease too. I feel you girl, but we stay strong” show that Alabama’s words resonated with many.


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Alabama Barker’s father, Travis Barker, 47, also showed his support and was full of praise for his youngest child’s post. Despite being criticized for some of Alabama’s clothing choices, his loving comment, “You really are,” with a double pink heart emoji, remained steadfast.

Not everyone, however, was impressed. Critics have spoken out about Alabama’s adult wardrobe, seen on her Instagram posts, and expressed disapproval of the Blink-182 drummer’s support for his daughter.

The New Standard of Beauty

Alabama Barker’s candid discussion of weight fluctuations and the reality of autoimmune induced thyroid disease has given a new perspective on beauty standards. Her courage to share her struggles on such a public platform reminds viewers to embrace themselves and ignore negative comments.

Travis’s support, even in the face of criticism, reflects the importance of a loving and understanding family. Alabama’s friendship with Jordyn Woods’ younger sister, Jodie, with whom she posted a mirror selfie, further highlights her strong support system.

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