Alabama Barker Ventures into the Beauty Industry with a New Makeup Line

Alabama Barker Ventures into the Beauty Industry with a New Makeup Line

Alabama Barker, who is 18 years old, surprised everyone by posting on TikTok about her upcoming cosmetics business.

In a new video, she asked, “Who’s ready for my makeup line?” This got a lot of attention from her fans and the beauty community.

In the video, she wore a big shiny black jacket that made her look small, and she had on her usual makeup style with big lips and fake eyelashes.

She had blonde hair with a middle part that flowed over her shoulders as she smiled and lip-synced to a TikTok sound that was playful and sorry for something.

This news puts Barker on a potential collision course with big beauty brands like Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner and Skkn makeup by Kim Kardashian. These brands are run by the Kardashians, who are related to Barker through her step-mother, Kourtney Kardashian. Alabama Barker entering the cosmetics market is interesting because of her family connections.


So whos ready for my makeup line

♬ original sound – prtb

Fans Buzz Over Alabama Barker’s Cosmetic Venture and Rumored Surgery

Following the teaser, screenshots of Barker’s video quickly made their way to Reddit. The community engaged in a flurry of speculation and commentary regarding her announcement.

One user likened Barker’s approach to an all-too-familiar scenario. They said, “It’s giving your hometown friend posting ‘so if I started a cake-making business who would order from me’ on FB.” Another person compared this to the often questionable multi-level marketing schemes.

This added to the skepticism about the announcement. Despite the mixed reactions, some couldn’t help but notice a pattern. Celebrity offspring and reality stars are launching their own beauty lines. One commenter humorously suggested, “It must be easy to start up a makeup line. I’m next guys.”

Along with her business plans, Alabama Barker also faced rumors about getting cosmetic surgery. Recent pictures of her in a tight black lace bodysuit made people wonder if she had a Brazilian Butt Lift. This surgery makes your waist smaller and your hips bigger. This adds another layer of interest to Barker’s life in the spotlight as people try to understand who she really is.

As Alabama Barker gets ready to launch her makeup line, the beauty industry and her fans are excited to see what she has to offer. She not only has to compete in the business world, but she also has to deal with her family being in the same industry. This move has made her fans and others feel a mix of excitement, doubt, and curiosity.

Written by Lauren Rottman

Reality TV Writer
Lauren Rottman joined the theworldnewsdaily team in 2020.

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