Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Fans Take Notice

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Fans Take Notice

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown seems to mirror his moods in his online posts and lately he shares photo after photo of the darkness. This rather gloomy track of photographs is the polar opposite of the flower and sunshine images he shared not so long ago. What is going on today with this popular son of the Alaskan Bush people?

Bear Brown Fans Take Notice

Bear finally introduces Raiven to the world in the next Alaskan Bush People episode. Fans already know the real-time status of this duo. The stakes of Bear and Raiven have not become a lucky story when it comes to love.

They had a whirlwind romance, then got engaged Raiven Adams, and within a short time, they split. At one point they discovered that Raiven is pregnant. So this Alaskan Bush People couple reunited to try their relationship again. The second attempt at love was over in what seemed like the blink of an eye.

It also seems that Bear reveals his new girlfriend to his family and to the audience of Alaska Bush People in Wednesday night’s episode. The Discovery Channel promo suggests that something shocking happens, but those are all the details they dangle.

Fans followed Bear as he gushed about his romance on his social media posts. They also tried to comfort him both times when he announced his divorce from Raiven Adams. Now it’s time to tune in and see how the details unfold from the beginning of this Alaskan Bush People romance.

Alaskan Bush People: Fingers Pointed and Tongues Wagged

Raiven Adams felt the wrath of the Alaskan Bush People fans who pointed the virtual finger at her online over the breakup. But no one knows what happened, because neither Bear nor his ex, Raiven, have revealed any details.

All that was shared seemed to indicate the split was mutual.They also said that they will remain good friends and that they will be their son’s co-partner. Raiven also said that the baby will appear on future seasons of the show.

That seems too optimistic, because that would bring another season of the show. But that depends on this season’s ratings. While critics claim that Alaska Bush People is on its last legs, the ratings for the season will tell that story.

The Real Story Emerges

The new episode rolls out this Wednesday with Bear taking Raiven to Mount Alaska Bush People. The family gets a shock about something Bear is doing during her visit. It seems that the preview contains a clue.

Bear pulls a ring out of his pocket and slips it on Raiven’s finger. But before the ring makes it, Raiven asks Bear why he is holding a ring. At that moment, the background music points to a problem. It makes it sound like an old vinyl record would if you slow it down.

Will Raiven be vindicated after the Alaskan Bush People scenes play out now that she’s on the mountain. Will fans see why her mother, Kassy Michelle, once told Raiven to get off the mountain for her own good? Or will the fans see Bear break his heart with someone who is just interested in the fame that a reality show awards her?

Alaskan Bush People: Is Bear Brown Nesting?

This is one new episode that’s sure to draw the fans in. Even though Bear reports that the split is mutual, isn’t it? In the new episode, fans will see the beginning of Bear’s relationship with Raiven.

Noah Brown and his wife Rhain Brown already have a new baby on this season’s episode. Then there’s an announcement from Gabe Brown this week. He reveals that his little Alaskan Bush People family is also growing. He tells his family that his wife, Raquell Brown, is pregnant.

Bear seems beside himself with the new generation of the Brown family starting. His excitement shows when he gets up to congratulate his brother Gabe. At this point in the season, he has no idea of his future baby news. But the previews suggest he’s nesting before Raiven comes into the picture. The previews show that Bear is preparing his place for his future soul mate.

So, the previews for Wednesday night’s episode appears to highlight Bear’s excitement. It also seems to indicate that he was a bit presumptuous (no pun intended) with the romance of Raiven. It seems that he is on the right track to make Raiven his partner for life. While the fans know how that turned out, it’s now their chance to see the end of Bear being single again.

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