Alaskan Bush People: Part-Time New Yorker Joshua Brown Looks for Southern Exposure

Alaskan Bush People: Part-Time New Yorker Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown Looks for Southern Exposure

Alaskan Bush People star Joshua Brown is building alongside his siblings on the Brown family mountain but what is Bam building? Sure, he’s building a house with lots of windows planned for the south. But why?

The real question is, who will occupy the house when and if he completes this project? It probably won’t be Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown, he has other plans. Billy Brown’s Alaskan Bush People story comes off as a proud father with his flock.

Billy Brown brags about how his Alaskan Bush People kids don’t have to build on the mountain. Instead, they made the choice to do it themselves. But maybe Discovery Channel’s contracts have something to do with this.

Alaskan Bush People: Part-Time New Yorker Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown Looks for Southern Exposure

While Bam Bam Brown cleans up part of the land before the start of his construction, he shares a few thoughts about the house. But apart from the windows soaking in the sun and the view they offer, that’s it so far. Maybe he’s not invested when it comes to his Alaskan Bush People house.

He’s building a house at North Star Ranch with his brothers. He described it as a “home forever.” But the chances of this being a place where Bam Brown will actually live don’t look too promising. Are these scenes just a staging for the Alaskan Bush People with no intent behind them?

Although all the Brown kids – except Matt Brown – seem to be making plans or actively working on houses on the mountain, only a few really live there. So, a few of the adult children will not make this ranch their home – including Bam Bam Brown. Apparently, he divides his time between New York and South Carolina.

Alaskan Bush People: Along Came Allison Kagan

Bam Bam Brown has an old girlfriend, described as his soulmate, who hasn’t appeared on the show this season. From what reports indicate, fans are unlikely to see Allison Kagan on the mountain anytime soon.

Allison once worked as a field producer for the Alaska Bush People show. That’s how Bam met Ali, as he calls her. It’s reported that he doesn’t like how his parents treat Allison. This could be the reason why Bam Bam Brown’s solo on the show without mentioning Ali.

A few years ago Allison and her husband bought a ferry from the Alaskan Bush People and are refurbishing it in their house on the water. Those who consider themselves die-hard Bam Bam Brown followers know how much he loves the water. When the ship is ready, the two are planning to sail out.

So, it doesn’t look like this Alaskan Bush People son is planning on living on the mountain. The ferry called “Fathom This” seems to be his dream home with Allison. Along with the plans to ship to the Bahamas. That’s a long way from the Washington countryside.

Staged Scenes – Bam Bam Won’t Drop Anchor on Mountain?

While filming this season, Bam joined his family on the mountain and talk about his construction plan. He says he doesn’t want a tree house, birdhouse or castle like his sisters and a brother want. But, he may have an equally eccentric house in mind for TV films.

So when this season’s over, where are they going? Looks like there’s a reason the older son came back to shoot another season. That’s a different reason than building a house he’s unlikely to occupy in the foreseeable future.

Reportedly, Bam Bam Brown still has a Discovery Channel contract, so he had to go back to the mountain for scenes. But the question of why he says he’s building a house on the mountain when his plans to live on the water remain.

But, who knows, maybe his “forever” house will be a vacation home for him and Allison. For now, these home building scenes with Billy and Bam Brown might only be for TV and he won’t build anything because he doesn’t really live on the mountain top ranch with the clan.

Written by Emma Fisher

TV Writer.
Emma Fisher is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. It seems to me that Bam Bam is highly arrogant, and seems to think he is superior to his siblings. His constant criticism and sarcasm with them is demeaning to them, and makes him look like he is a bully. I don’t care for his personality at all. It’s too bad he doesn’t put more energy into bonding with his siblings, as opposed to proving how he is “superior” to them. He seems to think that if it’s not done HIS way, it’s the wrong way. He is extremely irritating, in my opinion.

  2. I agree bam is a controlling idiot. They should bring Matt back. So is bam married or not? Is rainy gay? Birdie act’s like an idiot when taking care of the animals. Also to have 20 cats in that little house is a horder.

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