Alaskan Bush People: Billy Breathless On Discovery Channel Show

Alaskan Bush People: Billy Breathless On Discovery Channel Show

Alaskan Bush People star Billy Brown shocked both family and fans with terrible news about his health during the season finale as he shared his end-of-life plans. Although Ami Brown hopes for a miracle, Billy is ready to face this serious prognosis now that his family is around him. He also seems to be going against doctor’s orders to live off the mountain.

Billy Brown Breathless On Discovery Channel Show

Before Billy Brown reports the results of his medical test to the family, he discusses it with Ami Brown on the screen. First, the Alaskan Bush People patriarch said half his heart is worn out. He also shares how this is the cause of all the ailments that have plagued him over the past ten years.

While Bilky, daddy of this wolfpack, is understandably scared, Ami Brown tries to calm him down a bit. She turns to her husband and says that at least now she knows what the problem is. The fans have seen Billy Brown in and out of the hospital a couple of times because of the Alaskan Bush People seasons.

Apparently, the recent respiratory problems of the father of the Alaskan Bush People are the result of heart failure. Billy Brown said he was told by doctors to get off the mountain for good.

It seems the doctors feel that life in the wilderness is not recommended for a man with this ailment. This season, Billy Brown sometimes seemed out of breath after the slightest effort. So it seems he struggled with his ailment, but hid it from the fans as best he could.

Alaskan Bush People: Wolf Pack Rallies Around Dad

The matriarch of Alaska Bush People, Ami Brown, reminded her husband that they don’t make things more beautiful than they are. So it’s time to tell their kids exactly what Billy’s tests revealed.

The parents in the wilderness gather the family and tell them about their father’s health and the prognosis. This has been on the heels of years of worries about Ami Brown’s health problems. The father of the Alaskan Bush People brood said he must now tell the children that mommy’s big, daddy could die.

As soon as he explains how his heart is abandoning him, Billy Brown tells the offspring of the Alaskan Bush People that the doctors can’t fix it. Ami adds that their father’s health is not getting any better. A decade of Billy Brown’s aliments is finally diagnosed as his heart. But it affects his kidneys, lungs and all his organs, according to Billy.

So, for this reason, Billy Brown can’t stay in a trailer on the mountain. But he wants the kids to continue building their homes on the North Star Ranch. He tells them that he and Ami won’t be there, but he wants them to reach their goal.

The Alaskan Bush People tribe weeps tears with the first impact of Billy’s news. But they come back soon with enthusiasm and a plan. While Billy’s diagnosis sounds grim, the children find inspiring words and hope for a miracle. Especially their father isn’t going anywhere as long as he’s still alive. They come up with a plan to keep him where he wants to be – on the North Star Ranch.

Plan Unfolds to Keep Billy Brown On Mountain

Billy Brown’s kids are planning to build him a house. In this way he will get a good shelter and all the comforts of a real house instead of a caravan. This is where Billy Brown plans to live until he dies. But first he plans to live in a common house, where three families live.

Ami and Billy Brown will stay in part of this big new house that they plan to build. Then his two sons, who have just started their own small families, will live on either side of the parents of the Alaska Bush People.

Gabe Brown and his wife Raquell Brown will occupy part of this house next to their parents. Gabe was excited when Billy approached him with this idea. Then Billy approaches Noah Brown.

Billy Brown is worried that problems from the past may serve as a roadblock for this new plan for the future. But Noah couldn’t be happier with the plan. Noah, his wife, Rhain Brown, and their son, Elijah Brown, will make their home in a part of this one big house that Billy wants to build.

As the sun sets on this season of the Alaskan Bush People, the plan is in place. Billy has never given a prognosis about the time he has left. But the family feels that if he stays on the mountain, it will extend his life rather than shorten it as the doctors suggest. So Billy Brown plans to live his last time on the mountain, surrounded by his children and grandchildren.

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  1. Is there any chance that Rain and Bird have any men in their sites??? It would be Wonderful to see Momm/Grammi and Dad/PaPa with their Daughters children. ♥ Having their Sons and Children is absoluttely Wonderful, but everybody knows there is something very different and special when the daughters and grandbabies are with HER Parents and nobody knows why that is, BUT this IS how it is for millions of years AND it is accepted by ALL. ♥
    BUILD THAT HOUSE HUGE WITH LOTS OF RUNWAYS and tunt of room to spread out for maybe huge enough for more packs to join in with the older packs oooooohhhhhhhhhh what Beautifully planned out yards homes lives and it can always can added on to with wood, sweat, blood, tears and most of all LOVE!!! 💕 AND TONS AND PRAYERS FOREVER!!! 💕 🙏

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