Alaskan Bush People: What Are Bear Brown And Raiven Adams Up To These Days?

Alaskan Bush People: What Are Bear Brown And Raiven Adams Up To These Days?

It’s been a tough year for Alaskan Bush People stars Bear Brown and his wife Raiven. However, they seem to be on very good terms now. This was shown by a lovely message Raiven sent Bear Brown just weeks before his birthday.

Alaskan Bush People: What Are Bear Brown And Raiven Adams Up To These Days?

Raiven Brown took to social media to send a sweet message to Karu. It comes after a couple of months when their relationship hit a few rocky moments. But with her baby due in the coming weeks, it seems they are finally back on track. In her new post, she had a photo of Bear sitting in a cinema auditorium. He had popcorn on his lap, a soda next to him and a big smile on his face.

She included other photos of Bear Brown And Raiven Adams together, a picture of her kissing Bear at the snowman in winter, and a wedding picture.

With Raiven Adams’s baby due in a couple of weeks, it’s great to see them together again and happy. They are currently in Texas because Raiven wanted to be somewhere closer to the hospital as it is a high-risk pregnancy. She had to deliver River early when it became life-threatening. She abandoned the pregnancy of their second child.

But in addition to the high-risk pregnancy, Bear and Raiven’s life has been difficult since they married. Just two months after their wedding, Bear went to prison for domestic violence. After Raiven asked a judge to lift the restraining order, she became pregnant a month later.

Things seemed to be going well until Raiven deleted Bear from her social media and stopped following her. He then followed her again and acted as if nothing had happened. Then, in December, she announced in her Instagram stories that she and Bear were splitting up and becoming parents together, but didn’t answer any questions. She moved back to Texas, where her family lives.

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