Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Still Has Not Met His Two Week Old Son, River

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Still Has Not Met His Two Week Old Son, River

Bear Brown may tell us about where he entrenched himself as a hawk eye fan in a hotel during the coronavirus crisis. The star of the Alaskan Bush People has claimed that he lives in the forest to protect himself and his newborn son River from the coronavirus.

But Bear Brown, then posted a topless shot on Instagram, showing his muscles and chest with many fans asking him why he wasn’t as free as he said he was. “I thought he was living in the bush, I’m so confused,” wrote one Instagram user.

Another wrote, “Are you in a hotel? A third said, “It doesn’t look like your container house.”

It’s been crazy weeks for the Discovery Channel star, who found herself involved in a feud with the mother of her child, Raiven Adams, and suffered severe head trauma. River was born prematurely two weeks ago, but Bear Brown still hasn’t met her baby River, who’s still in the hospital.

She comes after Raiven said she tried to contact Bear Brown, but was ignored. Raiven Adams took River in just three days after she dropped a restraining order against Bear, where she claimed she had shown “erratic” and “abusive” behavior.

Bear Brown finally acknowledged he was the father for the first time after The Sun confirmed exclusively that the TV personality had filed a petition for restoration of paternity against Raiven Adams on March 12.

However, the Discovery Channel character said the petition was a court error and insisted that he was in fact River’s father. He told his 106,000 Instagram followers, “I’m not trying to disqualify myself as Rivers’ father, I’m trying to establish myself as his father so I can have equal rights as a parent!

“When my petition was submitted there was a mistake in the order, it should have said that I am trying to establish myself as Daddy Rivers! “NOT to settle!”

Bear Brown had told his followers that he had been camping in the woods since River’s birth, defending his decision, saying he had to think about his son’s fragile health during the COVID-19 outbreak.

He wrote, “Hey, folks! I just wanted to let you know that I would have been with River if I could, but with everything going on with this virus, it would have only endangered him!

Bear Brown also revealed to his fans last week that he suffered a severe cut on his head due to “a minor accident”. He posted a photo of the horrible injury to his Instagram, but he wouldn’t reveal how it happened.

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