Alaskan Bush People: Snowbird Brown Health Concern – Fans Worried

Alaskan Bush People: Snowbird Brown Health Concern – Fans Worried

Alaskan Bush People spoilers and updates reveal that the Brown family has been dealt another blow. As if Ami’s cancer, the house burning down and Billy’s death from an attack were not enough, the family has now learned that Snowbird, aka Bird, has received tragic news about her health.

Alaskan Bush People: Snowbird Brown Health Concern – Fans Worried

Snowbird Brown endured a month of this and put it on the back burner as she planned to travel to Alaska with Rain, Noah and her family. The group had already mapped out where they wanted to go, and Noah even flew out to explore the property.

After Billy Brown’s death, Bird said she was lost and she hoped Alaska would give him what she was looking for. She has also confessed to suffering from occasional bouts of delirious depression, when she couldn’t get out of bed for days at a time. Rain has always been by Snowbird Brown’s side and this trip would be no different. Rain had high hopes that Alaska would give Bird what she was looking for.

Then Bird’s stomach pain became unbearable and she had no choice but to let Rain take him to the hospital. As a result of this visit, Bird learned that she had two large tumours in his ovary and had to undergo surgery immediately.

After the procedure, Snowbird was told that the tumours would return and that they would probably be cancerous next time. The only way to reduce the likelihood of cancer is for her to have a full hysterectomy. This is a big decision because it would mean Snowbird would not be able to have children.

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