Alaskan Bush People Stars Bear And Raiven Have Officially Tied The Knot.

Alaskan Bush People Stars Bear And Raiven Have Officially Tied The Knot.

This week, Alaskan Bush People stars Bear Brown and Raiven Brown announced that they were married in front of their entire family. The small but sweet ceremony apparently took place in the snowy, mountainous landscape of their Washington, DC home.

All siblings, spouses and children were in attendance with the exception, of course, of estranged brother Matt Brown.

Since their big day, the bride and groom have been sharing more and more photos from the post-ceremony service with their family. We’ve already seen the big group photo with almost all of the Alaskan Bush People stars, and now the bride has posted a new romantic photo with her husband.

In the photo, Bear Brown was standing behind his wife and wrapped his arms around her waist. He got rid of his jacket to show off his brown shirt, which contrasts perfectly with the snowy background and Raiven Adams’s dress. The bride herself wore a lace, sleeveless bodice paired with a cropped veil. In her hands, she held a bouquet of roses, cattails, wildflowers and other flowers.

Fortunately for Raiven Adams, his mother was the photographer at his wedding. In fact, that’s how Bear Brown and Raiven Brown first met – when she assisted her mom at Bear Brown’s younger brother’s wedding. And now that her daughter has finally read her vows, the proud mom had no problem taking tons of gorgeous photos for the happy family. And, of course, that included more than a few photos of Raiven and Bear with their almost two-year-old son, River.

Born in 2019, River has become the focal point of the young couple’s lives. So naturally, he stole the spotlight in his adorably tiny outfit with a black vest and bow tie. He joined his Alaskan Bush People mom and dad on camera, flashing the same sweet smile he always seems to wear. He also posed for a photo with his dad, who was wearing a matching brown bow tie, further showing how much the two already look alike.

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