Alaskan Bush People: Bird Brown Is Adding Another Stream Of Income.

Alaskan Bush People: Bird Brown Is Adding Another Stream Of Income.

The Alaskan Bush People siblings, at least the ones on the show, have all started a new side business. Birdie Brown was the newest of the six to join Cameo. Now, the whole family is represented on social media, except for Gabe Brown.

Alaskan Bush People: Bird Brown Is Adding Another Stream Of Income.

Bear Brown was the first Alaska Bush People family member to join Cameo. Soon after he joined, Noah Brown joined, and both brothers charged $35 and $40 respectively for Cameo videos. Bam Brown also joined the site after they did, although he is the least outgoing member of the family. Rain Brown was next and his performance was delayed until he could lay down some ground rules for the fans. This was important because several guys on her Instagram asked the 19-year-old Christian girl to join OnlyFans and provide risqué material. Now, Birdie Brown is the next to join, leaving Gabe as the only one yet to join the site.

This is big news for most Alaska Bush People fans. While there are countless fans on Instagram who don’t know what a Cameo is, and several others who don’t understand the charge for things, there are even more who are already jumping on Cameo. They want personalised videos sent to them and their loved ones.

In the last season of Alaskan Bush People, the family was trying to restart operations on the mountain after fires over the past two years had destroyed much of their land. Bear and Gabe Brown set out to build new homes for their family on the mountain. Noah Brown went to Alaska and bought an island home, using part of the barter system to complete the deal.

Birdie Brown just underwent major surgery to remove two tumors from her body, and it’s unlikely the family has health insurance. Rain Brown wants to set up a gold mining operation on the mountain to try to strike gold. Meanwhile, Ami and Bam Brown are working to get their ranch up and running.

Written by Evelyn Foster

Evelyn Foster is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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