Is Noah Brown Leaving ‘Alaskan Bush People’?

Is Noah Brown Leaving ‘Alaskan Bush People’?

When the trailer for Alaskan Bush People Season 14 was released, fans took several aspects from the sneak peek. Many watched the wedding of Bear and Raiven Brown. Others saw Bird Brown in the hospital and showed concern for what was happening to him. But another moment surprised many fans.

After losing his father Billy Brown, Noah seems ready to consider change. For Noah, however, change would mean going back to what he knew growing up. Noah married Rhain in August 2018 and they now have two children, Elijah and Adam. It looks like Noah may want to give his sons the same life he had as a child, and that means going back to the Alaskan wilderness and living off the grid.

The Alaska Bush People’s family moved to Washington state largely because of Ami Brown’s fight against cancer, which brought her closer to emergency medical services. However, with Billy gone, Noah is considering a return to Browntown where he can raise his sons the way he was raised – in the bush.

This shocked the rest of the family, but Noah seemed determined to look around and see if this was something he really wanted to do. The trailer for the 14th season of Alaskan Bushwhacking showed Noah in a plane, looking at remote properties on the Alaskan coast. There are also spoilers from the Discovery Channel that hint that his search for a new home is both “ambitious and dangerous.”

Is Noah Brown Leaving ‘Alaskan Bush People’?

With all this in mind, fans of Alaskan Bush People should remember that the seasons are filmed well in advance. Noah Brown said he can’t talk about whether there will be a new season until it’s announced. However, it was clear that camera crews have been present and filming the family for the past year. This season will also feature the wedding of Bear and Raiven Brown, which took place back in January. It also details the aftermath of the fire that destroyed their home in Washington. It also appears that Bird Brown has some serious medical problems that he recently faced.

With this in mind, Noah Brown recently posted some new photos of his son and Raiven and Bear exploring together. Noah also said that he’s in the process of starting his own YouTube channel, but it’s going to take some time as he’s got a lot of work around the family ranch. That said, Noah hasn’t moved back to Alaska, so the season may show his interest, but don’t expect him to leave the series anytime soon.

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