Alaskan Bush People Star Bear Brown’s Ex Raiven Adams Has Said She’s “Building Herself Back Up”

Alaskan Bush People Star Bear Brown's Ex Raiven Adams Has Said She's "Building Herself Back Up"

Bear Brown’s ex, Raiven Adams, revealed that she is “rebuilding herself” after accusing him of abuse.

The former partner of the Alaskan Bush People star – who previously claimed Bear Brown threatened her with a gun – talked about how she is “processing the pain” in an Instagram question.

The reality star gave birth to Bear Brown’s baby River in March and got out of the hospital earlier this month. She said, “Mentally taking it day by day is much better now that I am in a new situation and my baby is safe and sound.

Mostly I’m trying to get myself back on my feet”. I always told myself that I could grieve after her birth. When she couldn’t feel my emotions”. The 23-year-old continued: “But just seeing my baby helps me a lot. But I was able to process my grief and work on it”.

She added that while River is “happy and sweet,” he wakes up every two hours, so she is “exhausted and adjusting. Raiven Adams also impressed anyone who claims she should have had an abortion by writing, “I got pregnant because I had sex.

I kept my baby because I can’t choose who is more important in my life”. I will be a mother to my child because I gave birth to him. Just because I didn’t abort my baby doesn’t mean I was stupid.”

In February, Raiven accused Bear Brown of threatening her with a gun and claiming that “the gun laws don’t apply to him”.

Bear Brown began to show “erratic” and “abusive” behavior immediately after the couple started dating, he said in court documents obtained from The Sun.

Raiven wrote that the Alaskan Bush People star started “screaming, banging things, preventing me from leaving the rooms”. She said he told her that his behavior was caused by “cocaine”.

She said that he started threatening to “kick her out” and started “withholding food and money” when she expressed concerns about her alleged drug abuse.

In another disturbing statement, she said he would use a gun as “intimidation,” and told her that “gun laws do not apply to him. The TV star also said he threatened retaliation if she went public with the information.

As The Sun reported exclusively, Raiven filed a restraining order against Bear a week earlier.

Bear, one of Billy and Ami Brown’s seven children on Discovery Channel’s Alaska Bush People, and Raiven got engaged in August, only to split up two weeks later.

In a shocking twist, they announced her pregnancy days after the breakup. Raiven took in their son, River Anthony, in March and lifted the restraining order.

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