Alaskan Bush People: Season Ended In Mystery

Alaskan Bush People: Season Ended In Mystery

Alaskan Bush People star Gabe Brown left a cliffhanger at the end of this season after fans waited for the birth announcement that never came. Gabe and his wife Raquell Rose Brown were happy to announce last year that they were expecting their first child together. But that’s an Alaskan Bush People due date that has come and gone.

Gabe and Billy Brown Cliffhangers

So what’s going on with Alaskan Bush People? Both Gabe and his wife Raquell posted a picture of themselves with their first ultrasound of their baby. They announced the baby’s coming on November 10, 2019. Now it’s February 2020 and still nothing is said about their baby.

Gabe is bombarded online with questions about the baby. This son of the Alaskan Bush People seems to ignore those questions, except for one. He did answer a fan who asked when we would see the baby. That answer was “soon”, but beyond that – nothing.

The mystery of Gabe Brown’s baby comes on the heels of Billy Brown sharing his grim prognosis for the season finale. He’s very sick, it’s not something doctors can fix, so he won’t get better. This is what both Billy and his wife, Ami Brown, shared with the cameras of Discovery Channel Alaska Bush People.

Alaskan Bush People: Season Ended In Mystery

The last season of Alaska Bush People was shrouded in mystery, starting with what seems to be an abrupt finale. It was announced that Alaska Bush People would have 12 episodes, but only 9 were aired. So what happened to the other three episodes, 10, 11 and 12?

Suddenly, the season finale of Alaska Bush People showed up without any explanation as to where the other three episodes were going. Of course, Bear Brown’s new love interest and final engagement was emphasized this season. But that brusqueness wasn’t there anymore, because it was already an old hat.

Fans already knew what was going to happen. Since Bear performed his dazzling love affair on social media, the Discovery Channel had nothing new to offer in that department. This incident with Bear and Raiven Adams proved why reality stars really have to keep it quiet until the season air.

Gabe Brown’s Baby and Billy’s Prognosis

Alaska Bush People left the fans wondering when the season ended. Billy Brown plans to live his last days on the mountain, even though the doctors tell him not to. Billy basically said he’s dying and the mountain is where he wants to be when that happens. He especially wants his family around him.

The family came together and both Gabe and Noah Brown agreed to give up building their own house. Now the plan calls for one big house where Billy and Ami have one section. Then Noah and Gabe will live on each side of Billy and Ami in their own section.

As we discuss this, Billy, Noah and Gabe imagine how much fun it is. Billy gets his grandchildren from Alaska Bush People around him. They said “grandchildren” as in more than one. Since Raquell is more than three months over the expiration date without saying a word, the fans are worried.

So, it sounds like Gabe hasn’t done that baby announcement yet. Some followers of Alaska Bush People came online and asked if everything was okay. But Gabe didn’t answer.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. They will need building permits from Okanogan County. They will need to drill a water well. They will need to put in a septic tank and drain field.
    They need to bring in power , and Okanogan County Pud will charge them dearly for that luxery.
    Going off Grid ? You still need power to run your house and barn.
    Generators ? That takes Fuel for operation. They plan on going to Loomis for gas frequently ? Tonasket or Oroville ?

    In regards to the “doctors said” remark ! HIPPA LAWS are in place and doctors can’t give out any information about their patient.

    This is a Scripted TV show.

  2. They are a band of grifting circus clowns masquerading as legitimate homesteader’s. They should be rendered to the trash dump of reality TV 6th rate stars.

  3. All the permits that are required to do what they think they want , is going to be long set backs.
    Also a Perk test must be done.

    Don’t forget Billy said he bought Noah and his wife a place in Colorado.

    Yet, on the mountain they are. And now they want to build and live in a new mansion they plan to build. Just think about all the family quarles that will cause. This is scripted TV . Don’t believe what you see.

  4. How does this show keep getting renewed? It’s been exposed years ago as fake I guess reality TV but somehow keeps coming back we are the reason they are millionaires just stop watching and they will go away.

  5. I’ve been watching this show since its first airing and I’ve been wondering if it’s BS or not. I really enjoy watching it. But after them getting on social media their lives are a little bit weird and ridiculous, especially bear in Raven. I’ve been holding on for that and waiting and it’s all a bunch of BS to Gabe and his wife need to tell the truth. And yeah, they should probably just take it off TV. No reason for these people to get money and that’s probably what they were trying to do in the first place. And yeah, there you go.

  6. Love the ABP….cant wait to see each episode….scripted yes, but each one depict how much love they have for their family members…hard working examples of what American kids use to be….keep them on the air….

  7. Just a bunch of gypo wasters living like low life travelers they need some education and to grow up they act like 5 year old children and have no concept of real life Village idiot inbred halfwits

  8. Give these people a break ! I don’t think any of you liberal ,negative ,city punks could handle one night in the bush !
    Give them credit ,Alaska is not an ideal place to live in the winter ,let alone raise children .
    God bless you Browns ,you and your family are an inspiration to many .No matter what you do there will be doubters .
    Prayers and Blessings in Jesus name!

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