Alaskan Bush People: Bear Gushes Over His Angel

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Gushes Over His Angel

Alaska Bush People star Bear Brown is proud to live life to the fullest, but his behavior lately looks more like self-punishment. This son of Alaska Bush People now navigates through life alone after his divorce from Raiven Adams. It seems that he is still a little hurt about the love of his life going its own way.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Gushes Over His Angel

During this last season Bear Brown couldn’t say enough about his angel who fell from heaven to earth. She was his to keep. Or at least he believed that when he got down on his bent knee.Bear Brown did and got a “yes” on one of the last episodes of Alaska Bush People.

The woman he planned to be his partner for life when his wife left the mountain. But she’s carrying his baby and this must be hard for Bear Brown. He is in awe of his two brothers who have founded small families of their own. Bear Brown couldn’t wait to have the same thing with Raiven Adams.

From what the Alaskan Bush People viewers saw on the screen – this guy was bad for Raiven Adams. Bear Brown’s messages went on and on about how lucky he was. He also said he couldn’t believe that someone like her could be interested in him.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Extreme Wooing In the Bush

It seemed Bear Brown was so in love with Raiven Adams that he couldn’t control himself. His extreme behavior seemed to become even more extreme on the screen of Alaska Bush People. He ran, jumped, climbed trees and even shook the trees.

But no one knows what went wrong to make this relationship go away. Bear Brown announced their first sudden breakup. After a week or two apart, they decided to try a reboot after discovering that a baby was on its way. But that short-lived attempt eventually led them to stop it.

Bear Brown announced to his followers of Alaska Bush People online that the relationship ended a second time. But just after that, he seemed to change. His online messages seemed dark, and recently he seems to have taken it one step further.

From Bear’s messages online, it doesn’t look like he’s completely past his breakup. His selfishness looks dark and lonely. His smile is completely gone. Many of his messages are about the darkness. His latest video online seems to indicate that the Alaskan Bush People celebrity is the target of his behavior.

Self Punishment

Bear Brown videos himself in the snow without wearing a shirt. Although this may fall under his tendency to take things to extremes, what comes next seems to go a little too far. Bear Brown lies face down in the snow and starts doing push-ups. Is this more Alaskan Bush People “extreme” of Bear or is he punishing himself?

This video has a military touch. You could see something like that in a movie where a drill sergeant punishes. Did Bear decide to punish himself for divorcing the mother of his unborn child?

Don’t forget the values these kids had to follow under Billy Brown and Ami Brown’s leadership. Mamma Ami Brown demonstrated this a while back with son Gabe Brown.

Written by Emma Fisher

TV Writer.
Emma Fisher is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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