Alaskan Bush People: Too Extreme for Bear?

Alaskan Bush People: Too Extreme for Bear?

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown shows that extreme side of him again in one of the top spots since the end of last season. The season of the Discovery Channel series ended last week with a sad note for Bear’s father, Billy Brown.

While the future prospects for Billy Brown seem sad, it ended with a positive outlook for Bear Brown. But it didn’t last, as Alaskan Bush People know today.

It seems that Bear Brown has slipped into a darker mode since he separated from Raiven Adams. His online mood seems to have taken on darkness now that he’s alone again. But his latest post suggests that he’s pushing himself beyond his extreme limits while out in the freezing cold.

Too Extreme for Bear?

Things in Bear Brown’s world might seem a little bleak today. The father of his Alaskan Bush People has passed a grim prognosis. Bear’s heart is working at a reduced capacity and it’s not something he’ll recover from.

Mama Ami Brown told her family that their daddy won’t get well. So Bear Brown’s engagement conquest this season has been overshadowed by the sad news of her father.

The short-lived love story between Bear and Raiven Adam ended in real time before the season took place. Once the cameras of the Alaskan Bush People were turned off for the season, the Bear Brown love story also ended. But that’s not the end of Bear Brown’s relationship with Raiven Adams now that a baby is coming.

Alaskan Bush People: Makes Extreme Renovations

Looks like Bear Brown did some extreme renovations to welcome his new beloved woman on the show. But now it looks like he’s extended his Alaskan Bush People shipping container to his home in a double-wide house for nothing.

While a container is plenty of room for one guy on top of a mountain, he has doubled up. But that’s all Bear Brown left today. He owns a cold steel shell of a house with no one to share it with.

Of course, he still has the remains of a love nest, once strategically planned, like a tilting bed. His perch on top of the mountain must remind him of what he has lost.

Even the roof of his container probably carries memories of sharing jalapenos with Raiven. But overcoming a breakup looks different in this world of wild men.

Bear Brown is known to take things to extremes, so much so that “extreme” is his motto. So while others heal the wounds of a breakup with Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Bear Brown goes further and to the extreme.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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