Sister Wives: Kody Brown and Christine Brown Still Married?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown and Christine Brown Still Married?

Robyn Brown was the fourth wife to join the Sister Wives family. It was not an easy adjustment, but she seems to have become Kody Brown’s favorite wife. He attributes this to the fact that she was the most faithful and refers to her as obedient. One wife who has not kept her vows is his third wife, Christine.

Although she once ruled the household, she was not as dutiful when it came to Kody Brown’s pandemic rules. They were beyond strict and too much for her taste. The marriage was already in trouble and this only put the nail in the coffin. Although Christine claims that she and Kody are divorced, Robyn Brown says otherwise.

When she joined the family, Kody said Robyn Brown made sure she knew her place. She was as ready to follow the family rules as her three children. Introduced by her original and legal first wife, Meri, she seemed to have integrated well.

She had never lived in the house like the other three wives, so she had no idea what it was like to share a space. Christine Brown had actually raised most of the children before Robyn came into the family as her own. They had become very attached to her and that was why she had struggled so much during the pandemic.

Gabriel pointed this out to his father one day after Kody claimed that Christine Brown and Janelle Brown were frivolous. He didn’t think those two families took COVID seriously. Gabe had to remind Kody that Christine had practically raised the older children.

Not having them around was heartbreaking and almost impossible, which is why she and Janelle Brown met often. Janelle said Robyn was always welcome but knew she would never come because the other wives were breaking Kody’s protocols.

During the pandemic, Kody Brown was almost exclusively with Robyn and her five children all the time. Christine claimed that Kody came for a few hours each week. This led her to want to travel and be where they were loved.

Eventually, he said he no longer wanted to be intimate but still wanted to be married. They had been on the outs for years, so Christine left her. In Sister Wives: One on One, she shared that they were divorced, but Robyn disputes that claim. Why?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown and Christine Brown Still Married?

According to Robyn Brown, Kody and Christine are still technically married. They were married in the church and it has not yet granted them an official divorce. Yet Christine does not adhere to this belief. She left that particular church years ago. Therefore, it is not up to the church to decide whether or not she and Kody are married. Kody agrees with her on this fact.

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