Sister Wives: Is Janelle Brown Considering Leaving Kody Brown?

Sister Wives: Is Janelle Brown Considering Leaving Kody Brown?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has been criticized because of his unfair relationship with Robyn Brown. Viewers have also pointed out that he has mistreated some of his wives. It also seems that Kody’s bad behavior has negatively affected his relationship with his other wives, especially Janelle Brown. Apparently, the two are known for their strong relationship.

Unfortunately, it seems that Kody Brown and Janelle Brown have hit a major roadblock in their relationship lately. However, instead of resolving it, Kody Brown seems to simply accept his struggling relationship with Janelle, angering many fans.

During the latest teaser for the upcoming special episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown answered some questions regarding his status with Janelle Brown. According to Kody, he and Janelle are not on the same page. After this, Kody revealed some shocking details about his marriage to Janelle.

Sister Wives: Is Janelle Brown Considering Leaving Kody Brown?

Sister Wives fans have speculated that Janelle Brown may be the next wife to leave Kody Brown. Apparently, viewers have seen Janelle’s frustration with Kody throughout season 16. It even got to the point where Janelle Brown cursed and left because of Kody Brown’s poor planning for the family. An insider close to the plural family even said that Janelle meant it when she revealed that she’s thinking about leaving.

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown also opened up about her relationship with Kody Brown in the latest tease. According to Janelle, she and Kody are like “best friends”. Janelle also said that they get on well in terms of intimacy.

Fans, however, disagree and said that Janelle is struggling behind the cameras. Fans also think that Kody hardly gives Janelle’s kids a hassle, which is why some of them have started going against her.

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