Alaskan Bush People: Concerns Grow for Raquell Rose Pantilla and Gabe Brown

Alaskan Bush People: Concerns Grow for Raquell Rose Pantilla and Gabe Brown

Alaskan Bush People star Gabe Brown and his wife Raquell Rose Pantilla Brown announced last year that they expected their first child back in November. But November came and went without birth announcement. Now it is 2020 and still there is no birth announcement for this couple.

In recent months, the fans have been waiting patiently. Followers of the Alaskan Bush People have assumed that Gabe and Raquell Brown had a good reason for the delay in the news. People assumed they wanted to bond as a new family of three before presenting the baby to the world.

Alaskan Bush People: Concerns Grow for Raquell Rose Pantilla and Gabe Brown

Bear Brown posted a picture of the “evergrowing wolfpack” today. The photo includes two married couples. There’s Noah Brown with his wife, Rhain Alisha Brown, holding their son, Elijah Brown.

Also, Pantilla and Gabe are in the picture but they do not have a baby with them. So this picture of Alaska Bush People alerted some of the followers of the show. While the wolfpack supporters jumped on the post to praise the “beautiful family”, others had questions. “Where’s Gabe and Raquell’s baby?” is one of those questions.

Perhaps the following question was the most difficult to ask about the Alaskan Bush People couple. “I thought Gabe and his wife were on hold? Is everything okay?” That question is most likely pondered by many of today’s fans.

Alaskan Bush People: Baby Due Date Announcement

Gabe Brown’s wife’s pregnancy wasn’t an online rumor. However, the husband of the Alaskan Bush People and Raquell Rose Brown did share a pregnancy announcement, along with a photograph of their baby’s ultrasound. They also shared a 10 November 2019, the due date for their baby. But so far, nothing has been said about the birth of their first child.

Again the latest picture posted by Bear Brown seemed to alarm some of the veteran viewers of the Discovery Channel show. Gabe was asked to appear on social media in December, when fans saw their new baby. He then commented “soon”.

All fans can do is wait for Gabe and Raquell to make their next move. Many celebrities choose not to share pictures of their babies and children with the public for reasons of security and privacy.

It’s always possible Gabe, along with Raquell Brown. falls into this category. The couple could be mistaken on the side of caution with their offspring.

Alaskan Bush People: Brothers May Have Different Mindsets

While Noah shares his son Elijah with the world on the camera, that doesn’t mean his brother Gabe has a like-minded approach.The question, “Is everything okay?” is one that the fans hope Gabe will answer. He has a following of Alaskan Bush People viewers who seem genuinely concerned. It’s also hard to imagine Bear endorsing the picture – “ever-growing wolfpack” if something went wrong.

For now, fans can only wait until Gabe Brown, Raquell Rose Brown, the family or the Discovery Channel offer an update. Or maybe fans will learn something new about Raquell and Gabe’s baby in the new season of the show.

With the new season recently launched maybe Bear’s picture is only meant to entice the fans to tune into the show for answers. Only time will tell. But until then, we’ll tune into the Discovery Channel on Wednesday night for new episodes of the Alaska Bush People.

Written by Emma Fisher

TV Writer.
Emma Fisher is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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