Alaskan Bush People: Playtime – Out With the Old and In With the New

Alaskan Bush People: Playtime – Out With the Old and In With the New

Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown learned a few new skills for self-entertainment these days, along with posting photos while doing so. Matt is one of the children of Alaska Bush People, but he’s not a child. He is the oldest child of this wilderness family at the age of 37.

While Matt Brown hasn’t appeared on the Alaskan Bush People so far this season, he’s back in the good graces with his family. According to reports, Matt has extended an olive branch to his father, Billy Brown. In turn, his father welcomed him back to the Northstar Ranch.

Matt Brown Just a Memory On the Show?

It seems Matt Brown has almost been forgotten this season, as his name is rarely mentioned on Alaska Bush People. Although Rain Brown did mention him when he talked about the stinkfoot match they once had. The feet came up when Rain was given the task of giving Gabe Brown a pedicure for his mountain wedding.

So while Matt Brown may be on the down low, it looks like his feet are coming through as a memory. Matt Brown and his brothers and sisters learned at an early age how to live in the wilderness by surviving only on the things Mother Nature offers.

During the seasons of Alaska Bush People, the siblings enjoyed the game even as adults. While they gather to hunt and fish, they also play in the mud or participate in strange games they make up in the bush.

Alaskan Bush People: Playtime – Out With the Old and In With the New

So it seems that that playtime still exists for Matt Brown, whether he’s in the wilderness or not. Looks like Matt needs to do something before he goes back to Alaska Bush People. Since he’s got a long wait, according to the reports.

The patriarch of the Brown family agreed that Matt Brown should return to the show.. But reports put that happening next season. So it looks like Matt has some time to lose before he rejoins the Discovery Channel.

The online post of the eldest son has to do with daring. This challenge also includes the use of an app. He introduced this new trend to his followers of Alaska Bush People.

The rules are quite simple, you just count the amount of time that passes while you’re not blinking your eyes. So you keep your eyes open as long as possible without blinking. Then you go online and reveal your results.

No Blinking For How Many Minutes?

As you’d expect, Matt Brown found the buyers. His followers hope to share online the amount of time they’ve had to keep their eyes open without interrupting it with a wink.

We don’t know what Matt is doing these days, while the rest of the family appears on Alaska Bush People.

It appears Ami Brown and Billy Brown prepared their kids to live in the wilderness. Usually if you catch a glimpse of Matt Brown at work, he’s been at the family home in Alaska.

So did Billy and Ami prepare their kids for jobs in the real world? They encouraged them to be creative. As far as daring, Matt’s time seems pretty impressive.

It turns out Matt Brown can keep his eyes open for 397.0 seconds without blinking. That’s about six and a half minutes if you do the math.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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