Alaskan Bush People Star, Billy’s Health Worsen

Alaskan Bush People Star, Billy's Health Worsen

Alaskan Bush People patriarch Billy’s ongoing health issues only seem to be declining. The 68-year-old has been in and out of the hospital and has had a lot of medical problems in recent years. The family man moved his wife and their seven children to the wilderness of Alaska years ago after working as a commercial fisherman. But three years ago, Billy Brown’s deteriorating health forced them to move to the only less remote state of Washington. Now that his health has still not improved, the family is forced to make tougher decisions about their lifestyle and their father’s future.

Alaskan Bush People Star, Billy’s Health Worsen

In August 2020, Washington state wildfires wiped out most of the 436 acres of the family’s mountain ranch. Since the incident, family and doctors have tried to keep Billy Brown from overexerting himself. Despite their pleas for the sake of his health, the 68-year-old refused to leave the mountain. Ami Brown has been forced to explain to her children that his health will never improve.

In September 2019, fans first heard that Billy Brown was facing health issues. He was rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery, according to social media posts from his son, Bear Brown.

At first, these issues seemed to stem from a respiratory problem, but over time, doctors discovered that it was Brown’s weakened heart that was causing the medical emergencies. Doctors repeatedly told Brown that the high altitude was not good for his condition, and that he would have to leave the mountain if he wanted his health to improve. Despite his family’s cries for him to change, the patriarch refused.

According to The Sun, Brown said he would “rather die on his Alaskan Bush People mountain than anywhere else.” That said, during a recent health emergency, his sons decided to take action. The Brown clan, consisting of seven children, decided to drag their parents’ trailer further down the icy mountain in an effort to alleviate his breathing problems. They were able to make the move before Billy Brown returned home from the hospital.

Seven years ago, Brown’s ailing health had actually helped him and his son, Bam Bam Brown, reach a plea agreement in a criminal case. The couple had been accused of lying about Permanent Fund dividend claims. They would have faced jail time, but Brown’s attorney was able to work out a deal for them. The attorney, James McGowan, argued that the then 61-year-old’s seizures and kidney problems were too severe for him to face jail time.

The Brown family faced a number of obstacles outside of Billy Brown’s health. Ami’s battle with cancer, as well as the recent fires that destroyed their home, certainly affected the family.

Fans hope that Billy Brown’s health improves and that the people of Alaska can continue to live in the wild.

Written by Evelyn Foster



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