Amy Slaton’s Weight Has ‘1000-lb Sisters’ Fans Concerned.

Amy Slaton's Weight Has '1000-lb Sisters' Fans Concerned.

1000-Lb Sisters began season 1 by showing stars Amy Slaton and Tammy Slaton focusing on weight loss together. But two seasons later, the spotlight on dieting has shifted. As a result of Tammy’s repeated refusal to lose weight, Amy Slaton seems to be emerging as the champion of weight loss.

But now a new controversy has erupted involving both Amy Slaton and Tammy Slaton. Find out why some 1000-Lb Sisters fans believe Amy Slaton’s diet challenges have gone unnoticed.

Tammy Slaton stars in a recent Instagram clip posted by TLC to advertise 1000-Lb Sisters. And the video proves the truth of the caption, “I’m gonna be me.” But the 1000-Lb Sisters star translates that motto to guzzling alcohol and eating pizza with friends.

And others believe that the latest episodes of 1000-Lb Sisters have proven that Tammy’s family truly loves her and desires her happiness and health. But Tammy seems to reject this love. And some fans believe that in addition to rejecting her family’s affection, Tammy actually “hates and is jealous of Amy.” As a result, a growing number of views fear that Tammy continuously faces poor health.

Amy Slaton’s Weight Has ‘1000-lb Sisters’ Fans Concerned.

But Amy Halterman recently sparked her own weight loss scandal. In Reddit’s 1000-Lb Sisters community, some have pointed out that Amy Slaton doesn’t seem to be on a diet. As a result, these fans fear that Amy is following in Tammy’s footsteps of weight gain.

Some 1000-Lb Sisters fans suspect that producers believe Tammy will generate more ratings by having cameras avoid showing Amy’s weigh-ins and medical checkups. As a result, Amy could potentially gain a significant amount of weight. And her second pregnancy has raised concerns.

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