Chris Harrison on Whether ‘Train Wreck’ Hannah Brown Could Be ‘The Bachelorette’ Again

Chris Harrison on Whether ‘Train Wreck’ Hannah Brown Could Be ‘The Bachelorette’ Again

Yes, it’s Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, but the people are still talking about Hannah Brown. This time “the people” is nothing but the host and producer of the show, Chris Harrison, whom I am convinced is trying to get on Hannah’s bad side today.

At the Television Critics Association’s press stop yesterday, Chris Harrison revealed what he truly thinks of Hannah and if he’d like to see her on another season of The Bachelorette.Being completely candid, he told us every week, “I think the things that make us love her so much – and I’m involved in that and I love her – are so open and honest that she’s a train wreck. You get to see the good, the bad and the ugly in Hannah, and that’s a rare thing in a human being.”

Okay, while the majority of that statement was fine, that train wreck remark is a little sus, especially if you think about how she just clapped back at him for tweeting about Jake Owen’s “Alabama Hannah” diss track.

Last night, Chris Harrison called Jake “my man” and shared a video of him singing, “You had your chances, so won’t you leave me alone. “Alabama Hannah, don’t you want to go back home.” (This tweet probably came after he spoke to us weekly at the event, VAT.) When Hannah saw that, she tweeted, “Better just get his truth Christopher.” I’m not just chopping liver now, you still have to love me and try to understand my mess.”

Hannah hasn’t responded to Chris’s “train wreck” comment just yet, but she could still sleep, considering she was tweeting until 2:00 a.m.

As for her future in the franchise, Chris Harrison said, “Look, anything’s possible. I’m not against it,” before I add, “do people want to see it again? I don’t know. I think we’ll see what Bachelor Nation thinks.”

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