The Bachelor: Chris Calls Hannah Brown a ‘Trainwreck,’ Supports Her Being the Bachelorette Again

The Bachelor: Chris Calls Hannah Brown a ‘Trainwreck,’ Supports Her Being the Bachelorette Again

Bachelor Nation is buzzing with speculation – will Hannah Brown come back as the next clue on The Bachelorette? Host and producer Chris Harrison hinted she might be because “she’s a train wreck.”

After a brutal ending to her own kind of fairy tale, Hannah Brown is back on the market. At first it looked like she would be part of the madness that season 24 of The Bachelor is, but now it looks like Brown is still fifteen minutes away from fame. Chris Harrison says Hannah’s relativity is the reason people love her and says, “I think the things that make us love her so much – and I’m involved in that and I love her – are that she’s so open and honest…”.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Chris Harrison explained that anything was possible for the next season of The Bachelorette and that he was not “…against [Brown is the next Bachelorette]”. He went on to say, “You see the good, the bad and the ugly in Hannah and that’s a rare thing in a human being.” Between Brown’s performances at The Bachelor’s season premiere and her rocky past with Pilot Pete, it wouldn’t be entirely shocking to see her return to the show for another shot at love.

Despite Chris Harrison’s willingness to let Hannah go back to the mansion with 30 men, he says it’s really up to Bachelor Nation to decide. He acknowledges that people “embrace Hannah’s personality” and engage with it, but he’s not sure if fans want to see her go through the process of finding love or not.

It doesn’t look like the fans will be too shocked to see Hannah make a comeback on the next season of The Bachelorette. She has already made it clear that she still has very real feelings for Weber during the first and second episodes of season 24. “It’s just something that happened organically and then it scares the hell out of all of us, because the show could end,” Chris Harrison said in his interview. As a producer, he struggled with the question of whether crews should be filming at the time this went, but they continued to do so because that’s what Chris Harrison feels “is what makes Hannah and Peter so lovable and so sympathetic”.

Weber and Brown both found it difficult to see each other during the season premiere of The Bachelor, but in the end it seems that Peter Weber is willing to start fresh with one of the other women trying to win his affection. Fans will have to wait for the season finale 24 to see if Peter Weber is really ready to move on or if he falls back into the arms of Brown.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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