Alaskan Bush People: Rain Brown Shared This Swee Selfie

Alaskan Bush People: Rain Brown Shared This Swee Selfie

Reality star Rain Brown shared a good self-esteem with fans, praising first responders and those working on the front lines in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Showing off her bright pink hair, the 17-year-old wore a face mask while enjoying a daily stroll through her small Washington town.

Rain Brown capitulated her picture, “I swear I’m smiling, you can’t see it. “Special thanks to the first responders and people on the front lines, we love and appreciate you♥️ God bless you”.

Rain Brown – is the youngest daughter of Billy Brown and Ami Brown, who have five sons and two daughters. Their middle son, Bear Brown , recently filed a positive paternity test result in court as he enters a bitter custody battle with his ex, Raiven Adams.

Bear Brown – who initially denied being River’s 10-week-old father – confirmed that he was the father after taking the DNA test and his lawyers have now sent the documents to the Alaskan courts.

Bear Brown filed the documents in response to Raiven’s counterclaims in which he asked for sole custody of his son after he requested joint custody.

Raiven Adams’s court filing read: “It is in the best interest of the minor child that defendant Raiven Adams have sole legal custody of the minor child.” The documents also read that it is in River’s best interest that Raiven Adams has “primary physical custody of the minor child”.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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    • Good point! No one wants to see your political views on here.I only came on because I wanted to see rain! That’s it!

  5. What happened to Matthew where is Matthew Brown haven’t seen him on any of the shows lately far as I know he went down to the doctors cuz he had an alcohol problem and nobody’s heard from him since is he okay is he still alive what’s going on huh he’s worried about the oldest son this is Fred Murray New York State

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