Hannah Brown had a lighthearted response to Jennifer Aniston telling her to ‘stay home’ from ‘The Bachelor’

Hannah Brown had a lighthearted response to Jennifer Aniston telling her to 'stay home' from 'The Bachelor'

As a self-declared fan of The Bachelor, Jennifer Aniston doesn’t like how the producers handled the Hannah Brown and Peter Weber situation. Unfortunately, she isn’t the only one. Many people watched the producer’s manipulation between Hannah Brown and Weber, which led to their emotional conversation, and said it would never have happened without their interference.

While The Bachelor has a loyal following among its average fans, many celebrities have embraced the reality TV drama. Recently, Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron showed her support for Weber, stating that she wanted him to find the women of his dreams, but also making it clear that she was looking forward to the drama on the new season. Theron joins other famous bachelor fans, including Jones, Demi Lovato, Sarah Hyland and Taylor Swift, to name but a few. Given the emotional start of Weber’s season, both celebrity and non-celebrity fans can’t help but share their opinions. Season 24 began with the return of Hannah Brown, the former Bachelorette and Peter Weber’s ex. Her return led to an emotional conversation between her and Weber in which both stars admitted that they were not completely over each other. Despite the many tears shed, Weber finally told Hannah Brown that he couldn’t rekindle things with her, and went after the other women on his season. Fans have claimed that the conversation was the result of manipulation by the producer. Now, Jennifer Aniston is adding her own opinion to the mix.

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During her red carpet walk at the SAG Awards on January 19, Jennifer Aniston shared her thoughts on the beginning of Peter Weber’s season (via CheatSheet). After stating that she was “of course” a Bachelor fan, Aniston turned her attention to the Hannah Brown debacle and said, “I think Hannah can stay home now”. Aniston then took an attempt to catch Bachelor producers for “just using these poor women.” While Aniston said she thought the emotions between Hannah Brown and Weber were real, she also made it clear that Weber made the right choice by ending his relationship with Hannah Brown. Although she couldn’t choose a winner for this season, she made it clear that Brown was off the table – at least in her book.

Aniston’s feelings on Bachelor producers were echoed by Bachelor Nation alum Melissa Rycroft. During a recent interview, Rycroft stated that she would “100 percent imagine producers made her go back on.”Although Rycroft believed that Brown’s emotional outburst was sincere, she also made it clear that it would never have happened without the intervention of the producers. Rycroft said: “The producers gave her some champagne, they reminded her how wonderful she and Peter were together, and then said, ‘Get out. There you go.”

Despite being a fan of the show, Aniston’s comments about the Bachelor producers are pretty harsh. To say that they were using Brown for the sake of good TV gets right to the heart of the matter, without bothering to beat around the bush. But Jennifer Aniston is probably on the right track. While the producers supposedly worry about the participants finding love and building real connections, their first priority is to make a big reality TV show. Popular as she is, Hannah Brown was bound to bring the ratings, especially if she confessed her feelings for Weber once again. Even if she wanted to have that emotional conversation, the producers still took advantage of her feelings to make a dramatic start to a new season. While other people may be on their toes walking around the inner workings of the show, we can always count on Aniston to call it what it is.

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