‘The Bachelor’ Alayah Benavidez makes an impression

‘The Bachelor’ Alayah Benavidez makes an impression

Alayah Benavidez got a lot of hate on Monday’s episode of The Bachelor. Which is hilarious given that it is difficult to even remember her from the first few episodes of the show. However, girls in the house and even fans of the show could not stop talking about how fake she was. However, not everyone hated her. According to People, Bachelor alum, Jasmin Nguyen really liked her.

Jasmin says Alayah has only been nice to her in the past. When asked, she couldn’t even think of anything mean to say about the ex-bachelor contestant.

“When I say that Alayah has only been nice to me, she has been and there’s nothing about her personality, there’s nothing about the way she talks that I think is bad,” Jasmin revealed. “He wasn’t even one of my best friends in the house, keep that in mind.”

Alayah makes an impression

Sydney made it clear to everyone on Monday that Alayah Benavidez is really fake and is a different person when the camera rolls. But Jasmin makes it sound like maybe that’s not true.

It turns out maybe the producers spun the show a certain way? They tend to do, even Chase Rice revealed it in a recent interview. Or, maybe Alayah just gets along better with some girls than others. On Monday, Alayah even admitted she was sent home without Peter knowing the real her.

“I’m disappointed,” said Allayah. “It just sucks that I’m going out because of other people’s opinions and not what he’s seen of me directly.”

There’s really no telling how the rest of the season will play with her. However, it seems that her time in front of the camera is not over yet. The preview for next week makes it seem as if Alayah is going to fight to get back. Peter didn’t seem too sure in his decision to send her home after all, so maybe he’ll just let her come back.

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