Counting On: Does Evelyn Mae look like Joy-Anna Duggar?

Counting On: Does Evelyn Mae look like Joy-Anna Duggar?

Joy-Anna Duggar always gets comments about how much her children look like her husband Austin Forsyth. Each time she shares photos of Gideon or Evelyn Mae Forsyth, many say they are clones of Austin Forsyth. And while that may be true, little Evy may also have some of her mom’s genes.

As her little daughter approaches the six-month milestone, she is becoming more mature. Joy-Anna has been taking it easy on the photos, but recently she shared a photo of herself and little Evelyn Mae Forsyth.

Counting On: Does Evelyn Mae look like Joy-Anna Duggar?

On her Instagram stories, Joy-Anna Duggar shared a side-by-side photo of herself and Evelyn Mae. While it has been touted that little Evy looks like her daddy, this photo tells a different story. She also prefers Joy-Anna, something that has not been pointed out until now.

In fact, she may look more like her mother than her father now that she is getting fuller and her features are more noticeable. Gideon is all Austin, but this time Joy-Anna Duggar has gotten some of her genes into the pool and Evy Mae could be her little twin sister.

After revealing that both she and Austin Forsyth fought COVID-19 when she was pregnant with Evelyn Mae Forsyth, she had been rather quiet. Recently, Joy-Anna shared a photo of her little family spending time outside in nature. She has been focusing on a healthier lifestyle and shared some updates on getting outside and being active.

She hosted the Duggar girls’ Christmas gathering at her home. Followers were impressed with her home and the flooring. Many of the sisters and sisters-in-law attended, but Jill Duggar and Jinger Duggar were not there to join in the fun. Cousin Amy Duggar King, who lives next door to Joy-Anna, was also missing.

It is likely that the couple filmed Counting On during the holidays. It was unclear if they would return after conflicting information from Duggar sources, but it seems they are on board.

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