Counting On: Jessa Duggar Responds To Critics

Counting On: Jessa Duggar Responds To Critics

Even though it’s been days since Christmas, the Duggar supporters can’t get over the missing siblings of the big family gathering. Apart from the maskless event, the biggest complaint seems to be Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard did not attend the Duggar Christmas at the Duggar compound.

Counting On: Jessa Duggar Responds To Critics

During the Christmas meeting Jessa Duggar filmed some of the events. From the drive to the Duggar compound to the opening of the presents and the video chats, there was a lot going on.

When Jessa Duggar shared her video on YouTube, the commentary started. Many were filled with friendly words, but there were plenty who asked her why no one was wearing a mask, and they even went so far as to specifically ask about the absence of Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard. They wrote, ”How is that a Duggar family Christmas, when your sister and your brother-in-law are not there because your family jas [sic] ostracized them?”

She didn’t respond immediately, but Jessa Duggar answered and said, “No one has been banished. The Dillard [sic] were invited, but chose to celebrate the vacation with Derick’s family”.

This was contradictory information based on what Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard revealed in their latest questions on YouTube. They revealed that they would be spending Christmas morning at home and would normally have lunch or dinner with family or friends.

It was revealed that they would see Derick’s family in the days after Christmas, so Jessa Duggar’s answer that they chose not to come instead of spending time with the Dillard family was not right with some followers.

Written by Evelyn Foster



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