Counting On: Jill Takes Videos While Driving

Counting On: Jill Takes Videos While Driving

Jill Dillard is currently under fire for making videos of herself while driving. Her kids are in the car with her, too. Duggar fans are calling her for jeopardizing the safety of her children.

Friday, Jill Dillard revealed that she took her two sons, Israel, age 5, and Samuel, age 2, to the creek to play. On her Instagram feed and her stories, she documented the day. She mentioned how hot the weather is and that on those hot days, snacks and water should always be included. Her Instagram post contains photos of her children playing in the creek. Duggar’s daughter also took a picture of herself sitting in a camping chair and wearing a sleeveless top, headband and sunglasses. The snacks she mentioned are next to her.

Counting On: Jill Takes Videos While Driving

While fans think it’s great that she takes her kids out into nature and lets them explore, other fans immediately notice something else. On her Instagram stories, as she drives to and from her destination, she is recording herself. Her kids can easily be seen in the back seat.

After watching the videos, Jill Dillard’s followers aren’t very happy with her. Although the decision to use the phone while driving is her own decision, many fans express concern about the safety of her children. One follower writes, “Please don’t film your kids in the back seat while driving! God forbid your distracted driving causes something terrible. God bless you.”

Another fan commented, “Do you always use your cell phone to record you driving with your children in the car? This is very irresponsible and dangerous. You could kill someone………”. Other similar comments followed. A fan also added a link about distracted driving in Arkansas.

In the comments section of her post, many of her followers are discussing whether the car was stopped while she was recording videos. Some hint that the landscape is visibly passing by. Others think it was at a red light. But it’s not clear what the situation was. However, one fan points out that it is not safe for her to be on the phone while driving, even if she is at a red light.

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