Hannah Brown was busy while Bachelor was filming

Hannah Brown was busy while Bachelor was filming

The Bachelor 2020 aired a new episode tonight. This was the first episode of Peter Weber’s season of the show. Hannah Brown showed up and got out of a limousine to talk to Peter. She left, but showed up later. Peter asked her to be part of the show. Now the fans want to know if she’s going to stay.

‘The Bachelor’ Hannah Brown was busy while Bachelor was filming

One thing that fans aren’t thinking about is the fact that Hannah Brown was a bit busy while The Bachelor was filming. She was actually doing her own thing and filming DWTS . It’s not even possible Hannah would have had time to do both. DWTS airs live and The Bachelor airs a few months later after they have time to edit all the dramas.

Peter Weber was out traveling the world with the girls on the show. At this time, Hannah needed to be in LA to film Dancing With the Stars.One thing about this show is that it takes hours and hours of preparation. There’s no way Hannah could fit both into her schedule. Plus, she did great and won Dancing With the Stars.

Could she come back later?

Now, it is possible that Hannah Brown could return to the show later on. Reality Steve normally spoils who wins the season before it even begins to air. He hasn’t been able to do that this season. A twist like Hannah returning can really change things.

Another option being thrown around is that Peter hasn’t even picked the winner yet.Shows like Survivor only announce the winner at the live finals. This makes it a lot easier for spoilers not to come out for the shows. If ABC decides to make such a decision, Peter Weber’s last girl might not even know it’s her. There are a lot of possibilities and the fans will just have to wait and see how it turns out.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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  1. I called it already! Peters’s gonna fool us all and pick Hannah B and all of America is gonna be sitting here going WTF!?!?!? Mark my words!!!

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