I Am Jazz: Jazz Jennings’s Family Is Never Happy With Her

I Am Jazz: Jazz Jennings's Family Is Never Happy With Her

Jazz Jennings is the star of ‘I Am Jazz‘ and is finding it hard to please everyone in her family this season. The TLC star has always been outspoken and in the new season she’s revealing more than ever. She blames her 100-pound weight gain on eating and now wants to improve her overall physical fitness.

I Am Jazz was a big hit for TLC when it premiered and has become one of the most talked about reality series. Cameras follow the show’s central character, Jazz, who is transgender. Jazz has been living with her parents Greg and Jeanette Jennings in suburban Florida.

Many viewers have enjoyed learning more about the transgender community through the trials, tribulations and happier moments shown in the series. The star of the series has openly said that she wants to use I Am Jazz to clear up misconceptions and break down prejudices. As the new season kicks off, fans are keen to see how the family of the true-life series copes with Jazz’s latest challenges.

I Am Jazz: Jazz Jennings’s Family Is Never Happy With Her

The last two years have been difficult for Jazz Jennings and his family. Most recently, his followers heard that Jazz postponed going to college to prioritise his mental health. Now, in season 7 of I Am Jazz, fans will see how his family has supported him every step of the way.

Jazz Jennings’s parents and siblings have been a sounding board for the star, but some fans question whether Jazz is asking too much of them. The season six finale showed Jazz torturing himself as the TLC star tried to make the right decisions but was torn between what he wants and what everyone else expects of him.

I Am Jazz season 7 is an installment of the docuseries that is tackling some serious issues, and charismatic LGBTQ+ activist Jazz Jennings has been outspoken and honest with fans. Over the summer, he shared on social media that he has gained a significant amount of weight. Fans know his weight loss journey can be difficult, but feel he can get back on track with his fitness. They want her to be happy with herself and have a peaceful relationship with her family.

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