Sister Wives: Power Struggles

Sister Wives: Power Struggles

Of all Kody Brown’s Sister Wives, Robyn Brown is his newest and still decidedly his favourite, but – why should he get bored of her now? Of all the Sister Wives, Robyn Brown has gotten the most from Kody Brown as a wife. During the pandemic and before, the Brwon patriarch has devoted more time to his fourth wife than to any other Sister Wives. However, fans have begun to notice that the couple’s relationship may not be what it seems.

Sister Wives: Power Struggles

Throughout the pandemic, and perhaps for much longer, there has been a power dynamic between Kody Brown and Robyn Brown that has been noticed by fans and the other three Sister Wives. Many have pointed out that the polygamous patriarch has given his fourth wife too much attention at the expense of the other three. Although Kody Brown, married his other three wives in the 90s, his engagement to Robyn Brown is still relatively fresh, coming in 2010. Along with the marriage came many drastic changes to the Brown family dynamic.

First, as fans will remember, the first drastic change that occurred in the family dynamic was when Kody Brown decided to divorce his first wife Meri Brown and legally marry Robyn Brown so that he could adopt her children from a previous marriage. Symbolically, this was the beginning of Robyn becoming the ‘first wife’ of the Brown family and she got the lion’s share of the patriarch’s attention.

Since this choice, Meri Brown has become distant, even developing a relationship with the ‘cat’. Christine, Brown’s third wife, has in fact left the family and moved back to Utah.

While on the surface Kody Brown has tried to maintain his relationships with Janelle Brown, Meri Brown and Christine Brown, it has been clear that Robyn Brown has received the bulk of his devotion as her husband.

With the divide already in hand, the COVID pandemic hasn’t made anything easier as women struggle to maintain family cohesion in the midst of it.

Written by Evelyn Foster

Evelyn Foster is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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