Sister Wives: Robyn Brown and Kody Brown’s Financial Struggles

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown and Kody Brown’s Financial Struggles

Kody Brown is no stranger to owing money and not making the best financial decisions. He moved his family from Las Vegas to Flagstaff before any of their four homes had even sold. On top of that, he put money down on a large parcel of land in Coyote Pass that has yet to be built on.

Since the land was empty, all four of his wives were forced to find a place to live. Two rented and two bought their own homes. However, it seems that this was too much of a financial strain. Now, Kody Brown and his only legal wife, Robyn Brown, are seemingly looking for more money.

Viewers never knew exactly what Kody Brown did for a living. When Sister Wives first premiered in 2010, he and his then three wives lived under the same roof. By the time they moved to Vegas, they had bought four separate houses on a cul-de-sac.

Each tried to contribute to the expenses as the three women became four and the twelve children eventually became eighteen. The kids grew up and went to college, Maddie and Mykelti both got married the same year, and things got expensive.

In 2018, Kody Brown decided it was time for a change, and the family upped and moved to Flagstaff. Fortunately, Christine, Meri and Janelle earned their own incomes. They had insured their businesses, but it didn’t help that the land they bought would take time to build. It wasn’t until the end of 2020 that the Browns finally divided the parcels among five people. During that time, four more Vegas homes had to be sold, while Christine and Robyn Brown bought new homes in Flagstaff. At the beginning of 2021, it was revealed that Kody owed about three thousand dollars in back taxes. He owed one thousand for the home he shares with Robyn and two thousand for the Coyote Pass land. Now it seems he’s desperate for money….

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown and Kody Brown’s Financial Struggles

In season 16, currently airing on TLC, Kody Brown explores the lives of Meri, Janelle and Christine. One thing about Meri is that she hasn’t stopped working. She noted in the last episode that she has two businesses, so she keeps her game on top.

The same can be said for Janelle and Christine. But as mentioned above, fans are still asking what Kody and Robyn Brown are doing for employment. As of now, they are out of their back taxes. Yet, they are still struggling to get ahead.

According to THG, Kody and Robyn were just approved for an emergency home loan from Alaska USA Federal Credit Union. The loan is for 130,000 under a Home Equity Line of Credit Deed of Trust. When applying, Kody stated that “time is of the essence,” which means he needs the loan as soon as possible. The couple still owes just over half a million dollars on their home mortgage.

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