Sister Wives: Christine Feels Empowered After Her Split

Sister Wives: Christine Feels Empowered After Her Split

Sister Wives shared a polygamous marriage with Kody Brown for more than two decades before warning signs of trouble began to ripple through the family. It was only recently that Christine Brown announced that she was leaving Kody “for good”, and proceeded to move to Utah, leaving behind her polygamous marriage and all her Sister Wives.

This shook up the whole family, as the dynamics of Kody Brown’s marriages to other wives were also deeply affected by this change. Kody had made it clear many times over the years that none of his wives were forced to stay and could leave at any time he wished. Fans don’t believe he actually believed this would happen.

The world wasn’t sure how Kody Brown would react when one of his wives dumped him, but soon after Christine Brown made her feelings public by announcing that she had dumped Kody, she took to social media to express her sadness. He seemed genuinely depressed that Christine was leaving him and pulling the plug on their 26-year relationship.

Since Robyn Brown was the fourth wife Kody Brown took in 20210, and the one he was clearly most passionate about, he has expressed feeling guilty after the break-up of Christine and Kody Brown’s marriage. They broke up right in front of her eyes, at a time when she and Kody remained fully engaged and united.

Robyn Brown couldn’t help but feel guilty, knowing that her close bond with Kody may very well have contributed to the end of her other relationships. Jealousy led to resentment and hurt feelings, and she was at the centre of this dispute.

Sister Wives: Christine Feels Empowered After Her Split

Christine Brown knows she split the family when she decided to give up her marriage to Kody Brown, but she had to do what was right for her. This meant a domino effect in the house and the rest of the women were left reeling afterwards. Christine Brown’s life has taken a turn for the better and she has expressed her sincere joy at her new independence. Her Instagram page is full of happy posts depicting a woman on the road to self-discovery and true self-realisation. She is now empowered as she can live freely and is blissfully happy with her new life path.

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