Sister Wives: The New Christine Brown

Sister Wives: The New Christine Brown

Sister Wives fans are excited for Christine Brown as she is enjoying her first holiday season without Kody Brown by her side. The star has moved back to Utah and is making the most of this special time of year by sharing her holiday pictures on social media. While Christine may be single now, it seems like all she wants for Christmas is some alone time.

Over the years, fans have watched Christine Brown’s relationship with Kody Brown slowly fall apart. Kody has struggled to manage all four of his marriages, and has often only focused on one wife, Robyn Brown. The proud polygamist seems to have difficulty presenting his family and lifestyle in a positive light. Christine Brown recently separated from Kody Brown and returned to Utah to start a new life. Since then, Kody’s third wife has been thriving. The reality star is putting her life back together on her own terms.

Now Christine Brown is definitely in the festive mood. She has a home of her own, all her children are gathered behind her and she has no husband to answer to. Immediately after Thanksgiving, the Sister Wives star began transforming her home into a winter wonderland. Luckily, she’s been keeping fans posted with photos.

Sister Wives: The New Christine Brown

On 6 December, Christine Brown shared a bright and cheerful photo of her daughter Truely Brown decorating their family tree. Christine shared that she and her family went to Harry Potter’s Wizarding World over the summer, where they picked up a few tricks of the trade. This season, Truely wanted to decorate a tree to match Hogwarts.

Sometimes viewers of Sister Wives may forget that Christine Brown is a grandmother, or “Oma” as she likes to be called. Christine shared a few pictures of her evening with her daughter Mykelti Padroni and her baby Avalon. The stars were having a night out and there was a smile on every face. Christine is making the most of her new life, especially this holiday season. Fans are finally happy that Christine is living her life.

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